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  • AuldSoul
    the reason im here is because i wanted to see just what people are saying the 586 bce v 607bce has pussled me for a while?ive just ordered a book buy rolf furili about the lenth of the captivity.i realy feel thou that the answer to who is right is who the 70 years apply all honesty they can be taken eather way buy deapending on how you look at it. when i read such scriptures as jerimiah 29v10 i truly do feel it is talking about the captivity but thats why im here to prove it to my self but ill read rolf furilis his book with intreset

    (NWT) Jeremiah 29:10 10 “For this is what Jehovah has said, ‘In accord with the fulfilling of seventy years at Babylon I shall turn my attention to YOU people, and I will establish toward YOU my good word in bringing YOU back to this place.’
    (ASV) Jeremiah 29:10 For thus saith Jehovah, After seventy years are accomplished for Babylon, I will visit you, and perform my good word toward you, in causing you to return to this place.
    (NIV) Jeremiah 29:10 This is what the LORD says: "When seventy years are completed for Babylon, I will come to you and fulfill my gracious promise to bring you back to this place.
    (DRA) Jeremiah 29:10 For thus saith the Lord: When the seventy years shall begin to be accomplished in Babylon, I will visit you: and I will perform my good word in your favour, to bring you again to this place.
    (BBE) Jeremiah 29:10 For this is what the Lord has said: When seventy years are ended for Babylon, I will have pity on you and give effect to my good purpose for you, causing you to come back to this place.
    (YLT) Jeremiah 29:10 'For thus said Jehovah, Surely at the fulness of Babylon -- seventy years -- I inspect you, and have established towards you My good word, to bring you back unto this place.

    I bet you only used the NWT to come to your conclusion. I further bet you went to that particular verse because a Watchtower Society publication sent you there. Jeremiah 29:10 refers to the seventy years mentioned earlier, in Jeremiah 25. There aren't two different sets of 70 years, one for Israel and one for Babylon. But let's pretend there was two sets of 70 years:

    What set was fulfilled the night the writing appeared on the wall?

    Daniel 5:26 26 “This is the interpretation of the word: ME´NE, God has numbered [the days of] your kingdom and has finished it.

    What number was given for the days of the Kingdom of Babylon, if not the 70 years of Jeremiah 25? In that case, the kingdom was finished after 70 years and would have begun in 539 BC + 70 years, or 609 BC. Here in Daniel 5, on the night Belshazzar saw the handwriting on the wall, Isaiah's prophecy and Jeremiah's prophecy saw their fulfillments, the Babylonian dominon was over in a surprising way at the hand of Cyrus 70 years after it gained ascendancy over Assyria.

    If you don't believe me, believe the marginal references in the NWT, Reference Bible:

    Rbi8 Daniel 5:26
    Isaiah 13:11 And I shall certainly bring home [its own] badness upon the productive land, and their own error upon the wicked themselves. And I shall actually cause the pride of the presumptuous ones to cease, and the haughtiness of the tyrants I shall abase.
    Jeremiah 25:12 “‘And it must occur that when seventy years have been fulfilled I shall call to account against the king of Babylon and against that nation,’ is the utterance of Jehovah, ‘their error, even against the land of the Chal·de´ans, and I will make it desolate wastes to time indefinite.
    Jeremiah 27:7 And all the nations must serve even him and his son and his grandson until the time even of his own land comes, and many nations and great kings must exploit him as a servant.’
    Jeremiah 50:1 The word that Jehovah spoke concerning Babylon, concerning the land of the Chal·de´ans, by means of Jeremiah the prophet:
    Jeremiah 51:11 “Polish the arrows. Fill the circular shields, O men. Jehovah has aroused the spirit of the kings of the Medes, because it is against Babylon that his idea is, in order to bring her to ruin. For it is the vengeance of Jehovah, the vengeance for his temple.

    But see, that would mean that in 609...Zedekiah would have been ruling for some 9 or 10 years for 607 BC to be the year the Temple was destroyed. Which would mean...Jeremiah lied about when he wrote Chapter 25:
    Jeremiah 25:1-2 — The word that occurred to Jeremiah concerning all the people of Judah in the fourth year of Je·hoi´a·kim the son of Jo·si´ah, the king of Judah, that is, the first year of Neb·u·chad·rez´zar the king of Babylon; which Jeremiah the prophet spoke concerning all the people of Judah and concerning all the inhabitants of Jerusalem, saying:

    Because Nabopolassar unquestionably destroyed the relocated capitol of the Assyrian empire in 609 BC, which is how we can tell for sure there was 70 years from the ascendancy of Babylon in 609 BC to its downfall in 539 BC. Nineveh was the first capitol of the Assyrian Empire, but after it was destroyed the capitol was moved to Harran. If Necho army had been swifter, the world would have likely never know the names of Nabonidus or Evil-Merodach.

    If your interest in this is sincere, you might enjoy this letter I wrote to a friend:

    Oddly, the Watchtower Society makes no mention of the Hillah Stele. It refutes ALL of their claims about 607 BC, and does so with great facility, by demonstrating when Harran fell.


  • Forscher

    Not bad AuldSoul. I've often thought of getting the book by that Scandanavian brother that set the fox among the hens. Russell relied on sheer going through the Bible and adding up the dates to arrive at 607. There was not all that much published in his time on the archealogical finds that were, and still, being made. The WTBTS prefers to stay in denial because they've staked everything on that date and don't want to see the exodus they fear might happen if they change it.


  • DavidChristopher

    I have learned to fight "ideas" and hate "ideas" They have acted in ignorance, as we have followed. It is Jehovah's authority to judge the "people". To rebuke them. It is our job to save them. We have the authority to forgive. Every one of these "bad" people, has someone good who loves them. By hurting them, you hurt their innocent families as well. I didn't see Jesus kill anyone, or tell others to kill or punish for Him. Now if you can refute that, I am all ears

    Meanwhile, I will be killing "ideas". Trying to set people free. That is my orders. I follow my orders, you are free to do as you wish. I can only do my best to set a good example, and convince you otherwise. I love a "challenge" too. Like lifting wieghts............

    Your little brother,


  • AuldSoul

    Thank you for the kudos, Forscher, but much of the primary research for that letter was done by Leolaia, as unbiased a researcher as you could hope for. She doesn't care, beyond clinically, when any of this stuff happened. Lawsy, I WISH I could have done what she did for that, but the references at the end are solid.

    Yay, Leolaia!


  • zagor
    But in 1991, UN personnel on duty at the time told our representative that it would be necessary to register with DPI in order to have continued access to the libraries we had been using long prior to that time.

    This is the biggest bullshit excuse I've ever come across. So they've continued to renew their application every year and presented how they support UN Charter on a basis of what that one personnel ON DUTY said at that one time. So they never pursued to check that information any further? Never asked anyone else about it for 10 long years? They are either ultimate idiots or ultimate liars. In either case I don't want to be a part of such an organization.

  • AuldSoul


    Additionally, the Governing Body was aware at the time of the application being made. Lloyd Barry was one of the primary contacts listed in the biennially published Directory.


  • Honesty
    So they never pursued to check that information any further? Never asked anyone else about it for 10 long years?

    Anyone who believes the WTBT$ line of BS about their affiliation has never been involved in a JC where every detail is 'ironed out' in order to get the "truth".

  • 144001

    BRRRAAAAPPPP! Sorry folks, the beans and broccoli caught up to me.

  • fairchild
    a lot of people on this site will belevae what they want to beleave because it suits there lifestyle lets get to the root of whats realy in your hearts

    There are lots of hurt feelings in people's hearts. The roots? A publishing company that says they are God's mouthpiece on earth. Unlike other publishing companies, they butt into people's lives and rip families apart. Yes, such creates hard feelings, wouldn't you think so?

  • FreeWilly

    In years past the watchtower Society could keep all of it's members in the dark. Now, in this age of readily available information I've always wondered what kind of persons would remain in this warped cult despite all of the information.

    I guess I have my answer.

    PMJ: "because it suits there lifestyle lets get to the root of whats realy in your hearts"

    Boy you've bought into that Watchtower propaganda "hook, line and sinker" eh? Ask yourself PMJ, exactly what do you know of any of our "lifestyles" or "hearts" ? Once you've exhausted both of your synapses and come up with nothing, maybe you should stick around and learn a few things.

    And hey, I don't hate you. You're entertaining.

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