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  • MungoBaobab

    Quotes, I remember the first time I saw your website on my my way out, and what an asshole I thought you were. It was an emotional reaction to the irrefutable use of pure fact without exposition. Your research hit hard, like a laser-guided smartbomb aimed at the base of a mountain of lies. You're a true hero. And you know why it sounds so corny when someone calls somebody a hero? It's because it's so rarely true.

    Here's to you, Quotes.

    >>Mungo Baobab

  • Super_Becka

    That was one great website, I browsed it frequently in my research, I loved how it didn't have any conclusions, that was left up to the reader. If someone has a copy of it, can they PM me?? I'd really like a whole copy of that website!!

    Quotes, hats off to you and your efforts, even if they were thwarted by the WTS, evil bastards. You got the word out, though, and we won't forget that. Your efforts weren't in vain!!

    Thanks for the hard work!!

    -Becka :)

  • ballistic

    Of course, the literature explains why the teachings change so often... "the light is getting brighter"... but fails to point out some teachings have changed one way then back again.

    Another thing... if the light gets ever brighter, it must be quite dim to begin with.

  • Apostanator

    Quotes...........You have my deepest respect. Just remember, I along with many others are cockroaches and also...Mitchell Garabedian was the lawyer who successfully sued the Catholic church here in Boston and got a settlement for millions of dollars for Clergy sex abuse. So anything is possible.

    You gave them a black eye!!!!

  • Rabbit


  • YoursChelbie
    You tell abused women and little children “wait on Jehovah”; but at the first sign of a problem for you, you scurry off to your lawyers.

    Watchtower hypocrisy at its best. Now will those "in" see it?


  • Crumpet

    Does anyone know if that archive that link will stay live or can they shut that down too? I've just woken up christmas morning here in the UK and in bed explained to my other half the whole thing with the quotes site and what this means regarding JWs as champions of freedom of speech etc! I am still very angry about it!

    My bf said why doesn't someone who has no assets take on the site? This is precisely what I thought yesterday. I don't own anything in the world apart from my laptop and a few clothes so if they tried to take me to court I couldn't afford a lawyer and would have to represent myself. I don't think I'm eloquent enough to do this but what do you think about the idea in theory? They wouldn;t be able to take anything from me as I don't have anything so theoreticaly we could go al the way ... or maybe I could find a lawyer with time to represent me/ex jws free of charge . It would be worth it to see this make headlines just to expose JW hypocrisy and to demonstrate just how shallow their comments about freedom of speech and expression and worship for all are as well as highlighting several other scandalous and rotten issues that could help many JWs escape from their tyranny.


  • aniron

    I am so damned mad about it !!!!!!!

  • ballistic

    I know it's been said but just want to say it again...

    The watchtower formally admitted it is embarassed by it's past teachings, teachings they put forth after delaring themselves as representing god.

  • fri

    Peter, you lost the battle but the war can still be won.

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