WTS vs Quotes: Requiem for a Research Web Site

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  • Beans

    I recall Quotes once telling me that if his site just got ONE person out of the Watchtower it was a victory for him and worth it! I think he accomplished this many many times, not only did it inspire that first person but thousands more. Hey there were over 144,000 hits on the site!

    The site has truly brought to light the significance of quotes and will stir up many more sites in the future. Sure it was a bookmarked site but as soon as people start searching the internet in the future they will find quotes on many sites!

    It was a benchmark site for new light!!

    I believe as a group we have to focus more on the child abuse and the blood issue, we have to unit and protest more often, let this be our new years resolution! These issues come in and out of llight to fast and the coverage and awareness must be first on our lists.

    Now Quotes and I will have to concentrate on new things like pagan festivities!


    "The $80 Crew"

  • AuldSoul

    Quotes, you put a lot of effort into your site. Unfortunately, those yahoos in Brooklyn are too dense to realize that you weren't updating it very often anymore. If they had more than a couple of brain cells to rub together they should have known what you did was LESS damaging than what would come if they shut you down.

    Now they will have dozens of sites pop up that are even more determined to expose their prior teachings. There is even more impetus to do so, because we know for SURE it hurts them. Badly.

    Christless Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses, we come for you. You have eaten your last meal already. You have given us a rallying point, a catalyst, and a means to your demise. By attacking your own words, you told us what weapons to use. Thank you. It is time for you to reap what you have sown. I doubt you will be resurrected.


  • willyloman

    [Stands and applauds 'til hands hurt]

    Quotes: Count me in an as another of your many "letters of recommendation." Because you were all in, I'm out, and in the company of many others.

    Your site and the WTS' subsequent actions proves beyond a doubt that the dubs are embarrassed by their long list of previous puerile pronouncements that can't stand up to the light.

    Nice work on fighting the fine fight. You are a hero among us.

  • dedpoet

    Quotes, thankyou so much for all the hard work you put into your site, I, like many others, will miss it greatly. Your site may be gone, but the good it achieved will live on forever. The wtbs may think they have won ( I wonder if they will publicise this "victory" in a watchtower?), but in reality they are the losers interms of self - respect.

    Perhaps we can all write letters to the media exposing how the mighty wts crushed a tiny website in the courts for publishing their own words. I think they might just be a little embarassed.

  • ballistic

    If you lived back in Jesus' day and tried to explain to someone the roll technology would play in telling the truth, I feel sure the only way of explaining it would be to say, "the stones themselves will cry out". Strangely enough, there is a stone at the heart of your computer, a lump of silicon.

  • AlmostAtheist
    I stopped believing in the WT when I read your site.

    Wow, Quotes, I read this and I wish I was you. I hope someone can say that to me someday.

    Now they will have dozens of sites pop up that are even more determined to expose their prior teachings. There is even more impetus to do so, because we know for SURE it hurts them. Badly.

    Yes, thank you Watchtower for pointing out to us exactly where it hurts. And for helping us to see which legal loopholes your tentacles can fit through. We'll be sure to plug those next time around.

    And by the way? It's gonna hurt more.

    Dave of the "Quotes Rocks" class

  • gumby
    Much of that information is still out there on other sites. The Bible Students have everything from 1879 to 1916 online and on CDs. There are other CDs with the writings of Rutherford. And there is always the ex-JW or JW that can burn a copy of the current WT-CD. There are enough damning sources on the internet still. The WTS may try to re-write history but they can't re-write us.

    Well said Blondie.

    I too thank you quotes for your work. I used your sources for many of my own Threads that exposed the Watchtower. I also wonder how many other sites that have some of the info you had will also have problems with the WTBTS.

    Thanks again


  • belbab


    You sowed a seed

    Your site blossomed

    like a dandelion,

    it expanded into a globe of many seeds

    The Fools

    They plucked it up and blew on it.

    and many, many seeds are floating on the wind

    circling the globe.

    Who knows

    in what crevasses, what fields, what mountains

    even their own manicured lawns

    the seeds will sprout

    and the endless cycle

    will repeat again and again.


  • stillajwexelder

    as you say - winning the battle or losing the battle is not that important - -WINNING THE WAR IS

  • peacefulpete

    I also ran across the site when first exiting, much appreciated. Perhaps somone more informed than me could make a submission to :Human Rights Watch - Free Expression - Internet

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