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  • TopHat
    It is very important information and if I was still a JW and found out about this, I really believe I would immediately walk away from the WT and never look back. I sincerely hope that thousands upon thousands do just that when they read for themselves how they have been bamboozled, duped and hoodwinked!

    Key words, hoodwinked, bamboozled, duped! ..Yes, so true Barbara, those are the same words I used when I informed my JW friends and my son a few days after I learnt of the Malawi/Mexico issue....they all said I was attacking the JWs.

    I pray to our God and our Creator that their eyes will be opened on the coming, big news.

  • metatron

    You're a brave lady, Barbara. We await your command.

    How can the Watchtower be finally ruined and defeated? Simple: Bleed them! First, bleed them financially - and slowly cut off

    their ability to publish literature and respond to the deepening challenges of a rapidly changing world. Best of all would be a massive

    public lawsuit with ugly headlines over a period of months. In those few instances in which I witnessed a congregation fall apart over a short

    period of time, it was because the publishers perceived the elders were involved in scandal and fighting amoung themselves.

    Keep chipping away - that's the key - give them no rest or respite and show them no mercy. As James says, mercy comes to those

    who practise it - and they haven't. This is a guerrilla war and we will simply wear them down. Since they reject reform, they will never run

    out of opposers who desire their collapse. Apparently, they're too blind to understand this.


  • in3D

    Barbara, you have a PM.


  • AndersonsInfo

    Nope, I'm not going to budge. No more information. I'm leaving the computer for the next few hours, so please folks keep this thread up front. Let everybody see it. It might give hope to those who the WT made hopeless. Yes, there is something to look forward to that might even get our relatives back in our lives. (Are we sure we even want that?) ;)
    I hope I'm not expecting too much even in my family, but where there's no longer WT control, there's hope.

  • MerryMagdalene

    staying tuned.......but this has me wondering if there is some little thing I can say to my JW mom, a question or two I can ask her in advance, that might just give her pause or crack open her mind a little once the big news breaks...


  • luna2

    Can't wait for the big reveal after this build up. Sounds very, very interesting.

  • MidwichCuckoo
    I sincerely hope that thousands upon thousands do just that when they read for themselves how they have been bamboozled, duped and hoodwinked

    They have anyway- they just don't know/accept it........Rank and File are ignorant of the things WE know..........

  • Woodsman

    Let's see, something they did and they got caught. Sounds very interesting. Can't wait.

  • daniel-p

    Contrary to what the WTS always recommends, LETS SPECULATE!

    I'm speculating that this has something to do with the mismanagement of funds in some way connected to donations for hurricane Katrina.

  • Rabbit

    Heheh...Bring it on ! I hope whatever this is, it will break the 'stalemate' status in my family.

    I've lost my Mom to their Blood doctrine and a marriage & relationships with some of my children and sblings to their shunning.

    I'm ready for some payback to the WT, that will free my family.


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