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  • katiekitten

    I dont know how you can say that Brenda. You should KNOW that Armageddon is coming some time before 2034!!

  • ICBehindtheCurtain

    I am not going to say anything to any of my active JW freinds YET, not until the NEWS comes out, BUT WHEN IT DOES, I will be notifying quite a few across the US, and hopefully they will spread the news. Of course I will be completely distraught , about the terrible thing that has just come out, and will put my preaching skills to good use, I will be preaching the GOOD NEWS about the WTBS downfall, hopefully.

    IC (of the LORD if you are there, please let it be BIG class)

  • Woodsman

    My turn. Just wanted to chime in on this historic thread.

    I have had problems logging on to the sites server due to volume. As someone mentioned it is likely to get worse as The Big News approaches.

    Could we have alternate locations to view it "in advance" so as not to be left out if the server goes down?

    Anyone with another site that will post the info?

  • NeonMadman

    OK, you've caught my interest.

    The only question I have is whether this will be something so well documented and so outrageous that the most brain-dead of dubs will have trouble dismissing it as "apostate lies," like they do the silentlambs and UN scandals?

  • M.J.

    Waiting with anticipation. I hope the Big News is something we can prepare to have our JW loved ones witness.

    (please be about blood policy!!!)

  • blindersoff

    Beepers--These folks have spoken well to you

    Beep, might I suggest that if you want dialogue for your questions that you DON'T do it on this thread. You will get more out of your questions if you put it into your own thread. This thread will not serve your needs but if you are sincere, another one of your own certainly could.


    Beepbeep - people do want to talk to you, but not on this thread. This thread is dedicated to ONE topic that people want to talk about. Start a new thread. Ever been at a party talking to a really interesting amazing funny guy who you really want to listen to, then your friend comes up and interrupts with some useful but ultimately ballsachingly boring information????

  • moshe

    I have a feeling this server may shutdown from overload once the info is


    You're right, Iv'e been following this since it broke and I can feel a slowdown in page view time.

    I'm hoping this will bust the KH wide open-- I can only wish we had someone to come forward like the late Rev. ML King and speak these words as the KH's empty out-- "FREE AT LAST-- FREE AT LAST" Praise G-d, Amen!!!


  • Gerard

    [...] because we were told months ago that it would be mid-December when the Big News would be released.

    Barbara Anderson

    So, a team of people including some non-religious experts sat on this "news" for several months. I have to assume that some legal background and strategies have been brewed during the last few months.

    With conservative optimism,


  • claytoncapeletti


    In the words of Doc Halliday in "Tombstone":

    "Gettin' a little head of ourselves, aren't we boys? After all, this is just another mining camp."

    “Have you seen the way everyone dresses? Awfully fancy for a mining camp don’t you think. No, the die is cast; we will be as big as

    Not sure if that is an exact quote, I'm just going off the top of my head. I agree with you about the rest of the world not caring, and it's nice to meet someone else who quotes tombstone.


    "Why, Ike does this mean we are not friends anymore. If I thought you werent my friend, I dont think I could bear it"

  • kittyeatzjdubs
    I just learned about the release of the "Big News" and was told that what I've been calling "Big News" won't be released today or tomorrow but hopefully sometime this week. So please don't say the 15th. If anyone is saying the 15th it is because we were told months ago that it would be mid-December when the Big News would be released. As soon as I know the day, you will know. Please be assured I'm not playing with your emotions.


    luv, jojo

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