Had no Bible knowledge when I started studying. I was attracted to the end of the world warning. It was the cold war, I was a young adult and saw a lot of futility in humans. I was suckered in by the nice people and they hid all the bad stuff so I thought I found paradise. Time went on, I found the witnesses who liked to drink and had an actually fun time. After I got married I got more serious about studying. I reseached all those questions I had stored up. The internet helped me find out about the UN and other difficulties. After contacting the WTBTS and having them lie in writing and on the phone I left. My wife is still in. I don't have many new friends yet. I try to stay away from the witnesses but still go to some gatherings unfortunately. I hope my wife leaves too but it doesn't look good. She will do more research when buying a car than with this religion.