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  • avishai

    So many skeptics. Listen folks, Dateline, the UN scandal, etc., brought a helluva lotta folks out, including SEVERAL on this board.

    Yes, there are brainwashed suckers for punishment that will NEVER leave the JW's. Duh.

    But these kinda news things bring out the SMART ones. OK? The ones that can benefit the most anyway. Or the hurt ones, who will finally get help on the outside.

    *Avi, of the prefers to be hopeful than cynical class*

  • Bryan

    They're dropping the no-blood doctrin so now all those faithful ones died for nothing?


    Have You Seen My Mother

  • Bonnie_Clyde

    What would strike fear into the heart of the organization any more than an attack on its most sacred and beloved object--its wallet? Therefore, how about a multi-million dollar class action lawsuit?


    Clyde doesn't post very often, but I want to tell you he is very discerning. Early in the 1970's, without any other person influencing him, he figured out that there was dissension at Bethel, that there was not full agreement in the Governing Body. He figured it out simply by reading the WT publications prior to 1975--particularly the emphasis, then de-emphasis, emphasis, then de-emphasis on a date for the end of this system. I could hardly believe it when I started reading Crisis of Conscience many years later. I read it before I even told him that I had the book. Then I went to him and said, YOU WERE RIGHT!

    Let's see if he's right on this one.


  • Pistoff

    Well, you got my attention.

    I have been waiting for a book from you, I don't that you have been writing one, but I have been hoping.

    YOU know where the skeletons are, sister.


  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    if this is going to be bigger than dateline or the U>N> scandel. . it must be news worthy. and i don't think it will have much do on wt doctrine. i think barabara has been holding a few trump cards up her sleeve. let's just hope she's been playing her cards right. and will pull out one TRUMP card OUT AFTER AN OTHER. . only time will tell. but if it helps 1 or 20,000 jw's see the light it will be worth it.

  • Seeker4

    Nice teaser. Barbara!

    This is not going to be much of a tip-off for Bethel, because this is so going to come from an unexpected place and blindside them.

    And even if they knew, there's essentially nothing they can do to stop it, anymore than disfellowshipping Bill, Barbara etc. had any impact on the Dateline special.

    And the fact that the world in general doesn't pay a hell of a lot of attention to the JW scandals is hardly the point. The JWs have always been mostly a footnote in history - unlike their grandiose claims of being at the center of the universe, under the constant scrutiny of society, Satan's main target, etc etc.

    But, note what all these scandals, from the generation change to the pedophile scandals have done:

    * baptisms have dropped by 50%

    * growth in countries with wide access to the Net is at 0% or in the negative

    What does that mean? We've essentially stopped the WTS's growth from the outside. In many countries, as soon as someone types "Jehovah's Witnesses" into a search engine, we all know what happens. So even those few non-JWs who actually do develop an interest in the Witnesses, the majority of those will know the truth about 'the truth' in short order. Soon, more and more third world countries will have these same Internet resources.

    These same resources are taking their toll on those who are now JWs, and a hell of a lot of us are living proof of that - including myself.

    So now, maybe there is something coming down the road that will hit the WTS in a long term way that is totally unexpected - and whose affects might not be fully felt for a few years yet. Still another nail in the coffin - and this will be an extremely important one. And how many more JWs will leave due to this?

    Barbara, I'll call tomorrow. Sorry I haven't been in touch sooner - very busy week at work. Would like to talk about some ways to get the word out on this.


  • skyman

    Man tease me like this then not tell me. I bet you had lots of brother and sister while you were going up.


  • AndersonsInfo

    I'm was having a bit of fun with my teasers although the subject of the Big News is not funny. That's the one and only hint I'm giving. But I might be misleading you. You'll know next week! Oh, and don't worry about WT figuring out what is going on because I want them to worry about what is going on!
    Joe and I carefully read each and every post you put on this thread and sorry to keep you all on the edge about this. I'm actually not doing this to have fun, but to get everybody interested in the Big News. I just don't want to introduce the News next week cold turkey. It is very important information and if I was still a JW and found out about this, I really believe I would immediately walk away from the WT and never look back. I sincerely hope that thousands upon thousands do just that when they read for themselves how they have been bamboozled, duped and hoodwinked!
    This information won't bring WT down immediately, but we, by our activism can cause it to lose all credibility in the eyes of the world and among their members. Just think what that will do to their arrogance.
    I will be demanding an apology from the WT and if I know you all, you will do the same.
    Another thing I want to say here. To the thousands of you who are lurkers and to those who are posters, when you find out just how deceiving the WT has been, you might seriously think about confronting all of your XJW relatives and make sure they know that we all gave our loyalty to a lying bunch of fools. It's time to stand up for what is right. When people stood up in Berlin, the Wall fell. Don't let the threat of disfellowshipping and shunning stop you cause we're going to win this battle. Now if you don't agree with me, that's okay. Only you know your cirumstances.
    Another thing. When the Big News comes out, there will be many, many questions. Don't be cynical until you understand the full ramifications of the Big News. I knew the moment I saw it what it will do to the organization, but my background is a bit different than most of you.
    I certainly agree with so many of your posts made here, but avishai said it wonderfully when he said, "Yes, there are brainwashed suckers for punishment that will NEVER leave the JW's. Duh. But these kinda news things bring out the SMART ones. OK? The ones that can benefit the most anyway. Or the hurt ones, who will finally get help on the outside." So be hopeful like the avishai class rather than cynical.

  • stillajwexelder

    I am so looking forward

  • Shakita

    C'mon Barbara. Inquiring minds want to know.

    Mr. Shakita

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