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  • jst2laws


    Am I correct in assuming that the news will come out on the 15th?

    Steve, is that correct? Your email made it appear that way.

    No, the email basically said that the 15th was the date that site was shooting for and that was tentative. The date for this event is not locked in and is actually a little ambiguous. I'll defer to Barbara on this. She will let you know whatever there is to know.


  • seven006


    It’s not a hoax. Not even close.


  • Gill

    So, this is going to be big then....REALLY BIG?!

    Do you promise this is going to be big?

    Will relatives speak to us again?

    Will grandparents stop ignoring my little six year old and breaking her heart?

    Will my mother be sorry that she called me and my family 'Big Donkeys' because we invited her and dad around for my daughters birthday and they refused to come to us?

    Will there be some justice?

    Is this a real hope?

    I daren't hope that this is real, as much as I want it to be.

    I really want this to be real...not like one of the WTBTS 'big' announcements.

    Really, really....on a scale of 1 to big is this?

    I want pay back for crying for years over relatives that won't acknowledge us and see us as bird food....that's all.

    So,,,finally...on a scale of 1 - 10...somebody who big?

    I would have allowed my children to die for lack of blood. I nearly died twice myself.

    Is it real?

  • RichieRich

    Richie waits with anticipation.

    I don't what I'm good for, but Barbara, if you need your grass cut or something I guess I could do it.

  • Beep,Beep

    So who's argueing ? I merely asked for INFORMATION !!! Of course if you object to that then I guess you are no better than the wbts. Have a nice day!!!!

  • Jourles
    No, the email basically said that the 15th was the date that site was shooting for and that was tentative.

    Ah...OK, gotcha. I must have read it too quickly because it appeared to me that the announcement wasn't coming until the 15th. I'm sure that is good news for most everyone watching this thread. I don't think most people following this could wait that long without busting a vein.

  • GetBusyLiving

    Sheldon here.. just checking in to show my support. I just saw this thread for the first time this morning at work! What a great surprise. Thanks Barbara and all you guys who are in the know! Can't wait to hear the news.

    "Live for the day, when you'll say, life without the WTBTS.. at last!"


  • 2SparrowsPenny

    ""Too many lies. Too many secrets. Too many policies and teachings that are directly contrary to the Bible. It just isn't possible that God is with them."" Beep,Beep replies: Really ? Would you care to explain this comment ? What policies and teachings do you see as contrary to the Bible ? What secrets ? What lies ? I have been looking to prove such to myself but have yet to find convincing evidence However, just as an example, everthing I have looked at concerning the supposed teaching that the end would come in 1975 is a bust. Not there. People take a couple of statements and try to make them more than what was said.

  • Sunspot
    The WTS doesn't amount to much compared to other shit happening around the world. Any scandal that may appear giant to us, may not even cause a blip on the radar of the media looking for some real newsworthy scandal to report

    To some extent, this may be true. BUT......whatever the news IS, the impact of it seems as if the WTS has no way to spin it or wiggle-word around it---to get their gullible and obedient followers to (again) settle back down into a sense of complacency.

    This by itself---is what WE are looking forward to hearing, so that WE can wave the banners of TRUTH under their noses and they cannot refute it in any way. No "library card" for their prostitute operation, and no "Two Witnesses" to protect admitted pedophiles...just to name a few.

    If it hits the newswires as we hope it will.....the coverage will be so damaging to the trained seals that knock on doors "placing" WTS litter-ature, that the householders will laugh in their faces when they open their doors. Our families and friends who are still locked into that evil cult---wll be able to see what we have been silenced in speaking to them (calculated shunning), and the WTS will hopefully crumble due to the LACK OF TRUTH that they have been "dispensing" all these years...and getting away with it!

    I can't think of the scripture right offhand---the one that says that evildoers go ON and ON doing their evil doings, simply because they never seem to get caught. It gives them a false sense of security (among countless OTHER "false" things this hateful cult is guilty of......and we have been WAITING for something to "give" so that the WTS will be held accountable for all they are responsible for deliberately doing.

    Maybe it's small peanuts to YOU......but as far as I can see.....the WTS AND ITS LOYAL FOLLOWERS will be made to see just who and what the story really is.

  • DannyHaszard

    It's not a hoak i have the scoop not because i'm special but because i'm an activist and on the team with PR.

    I alluded to arming a warhead it has a set protocol there are things that have to go off in correct sequence it's the same with this.

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