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  • Rabbit

    "Hordes of experts..." Hmmmmm...who travels in herds, er, hoardes ?


    Law Enforcement...

    Tax Collectors...

    Media - Investigative Reporters...

    And of course, the "3rd Component", the 'Spark' ------------------> US !

    Only one group of people in the world have the real power to dismantle the mighty Watchtower Bible & Tract Society ---------> Ex-JW's !

    We are m o t i v a t e d . . .and we have the o p p o r t u n i t y !

    Git'er Done ! ~ Larry the cable guy


  • serendipity

    Hi Chic-I-S-A! Welcome to the forum!

  • aniron

    I just hope its worth waiting for.

  • daniel-p

    Dangit - i wont know till FRIDAY!!!!

    I think I'll take a 5-day sabbatical from JWD so as not to over-hype it myself.

  • stillajwexelder

    now translating the Big News into nine languages with more to come.

    Even better news

  • Sunspot

    ***Sunspot saw something "really odd on another board and dismissed it as it was so off-beat but now says......"but just maybe". So this could be something really, really odd

    And Sunspot is extremely embarrassed to admit to having sent a C & Ped the post to Barbara only to discover this was not only NOT "it", but wasn't even close! I didn't earn even a fake cigar on that one! (blush) Much ado about nothing!

    ***This is what raised a red flag for me: directing everyone to give their money to the world-wide work fund in order for the Society to appropriate funds accordingly.

    ***I'm not saying this is the scandal, but things like this have been stacking up for the past couple of months. When I was conducting that meeting part I could see several eyebrows raise and I knew they thought it sounded weird, too. If there where to be some major financial scandal you can be sure a lot of people would leave or start fading.

    I am willing to stick my foolish neck out once again and say that I am inclined to think $$$$$$$$ is at the root of the WTS problem........not LACK of it (obviously)..... but being caught with their greedy-greasy-grubby paws in money they have "done wrong" with!

    Not only the "advisement" that the donations for the Katrina survivors would be chucked into one big pot, but even as far back as the amazing amounts GIVEN in India (as we saw recently on JWD) to the WTS "efforts" to help their country! I'll just bet that this type of thing has been being done (rampantly) in EVERY country and municipality that they had their "missionaries" in---and the WTS was allowing themselves a healthy chunk of the goodies! Maybe someone like Steven Bates was that his name) that broke the story about the NGO business---has been tracking the latest WTS undercover fiasco and now has "enough" ON them to break the story!

    Maybe Sunspot just has a vivid imagination......


    I was reading over on three pages previous to this when I decided to write my post. I see that $$$ wasn't in the running.....but I'm gonna proceed with what I wrote just to keep me honest in my speculation! LOL!

    I too, could NOT gain access to JWD for hours and did I get NERVOUS thinking the WTS HAD MANAGED TO SHUT IT DOWN (washing my mouth out with soap now) and I can rest easy now that this is still here and you're still there! I MAY be dipping into my "Christmas wine" before the anticipated BIG NEWS gets to be announced, LOL!

    Annie......if I had a zipper---I'd be turned inside OUT with nervous excitement!!!

  • Hellrider

    I don`t want to burst your bubble, but we all know the WTS has 99 lives. The average JW believes he/she is serving "Jehovah". In reality, as we all know, they serve the great Watchtower-god, but they themselves don`t know this. So if there is a scandal concerning the WTS, the only way this could really affect the congregations around the world, would be if the WTS became bankrupt, lost all their money, their publishing-production-material confiscated, etc. It would take a videofilm of the entire GB sitting down drinking scotch with Satan himself, for this to have any impact on the average JW. Sure, the JW-religion will die out, but it won`t happen over night. Every little scandal helps, but not one single scandal will kill of this abomination of a sect. The death of the WTS is a slow death, every year, a slight decrease in numbers, as the young are leaving, and the old are dying ("millions now living", ha ha). The WTS dies like an old alcoholic, he looks so sick and old, but his entire intestine-system is sterilised from the the constant supply of booze, that he just won`t die. But eventually...

  • hideme

    I hope it will be something that people in The Netherlands will hear of, too...

  • Bryan

    Welcome Chick In Shining Armor!

    Nice to have you here!


    Have You Seen My Mother

  • stillajwexelder

    now translating the Big News into nine languages with more to come.

    The languages spoken in Belgium will surely be included

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