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  • glitter

    Welcome Sunday!

  • sf

    This thread is becoming exciting, in the fact that it is bringing the lurkers and seekers out of the 'woodwork'.

    Dave, I love it:

    Watching this thread grow is like watching a bunch of blindfolded kids swinging a stick at a piñata just waiting for it to split open and watch the candy pour out.

    It IS fun to watch the anticipation of someone just nailing that sucker.



  • Maryjane

    Seems like I've found this board again just in time! I'm excited and plan to advertise, advertise, advertise this good news of the WT's demise far and wide!!

  • seven006


    Back at’cha. Insert a stupid eye winking icon here.
    Ain’t this fun?

    Hope things are going well with you.


  • belbab

    I have finally caught up with all the replies. By the time I finish this writing this post I will be way behind again.

    Seeker, I believe, wrote about Dean using the internet in his campaign and changed the way political campaigns forever.

    This thread is making news in itself, with almost 24,000 viewers. That is not the greatest news in itself. This thread is raising a tide of expectancy to an issue of Time Magazine. I never have bought a Time Magazine for decades. We are participating at the marriage ceremony of Miss Internet with Father Time, the printed words. Does anyone see what I am saying?

    In this thread, it has often been said, that after the news comes out we make a campaign to publish and spread the news. What is going on here is news Now! We have to draw attention to all news media, religious writers etc. even to Time Mag itself, to show them that something is blowin in wind from out behind the barn. It involves something coming out in Time magazine. Other news media is going ask what is going on. Are we missing out on something. Even if the story turns out not so great eventually, they'll raise expectation for it and they will make it news and surfboard in on the rising wave of events.

    If any have ways of communicating to JWs, then ask them, what this wind, ill or not, is, and let them start seaching and wondering.

    Is any body out there with ears and eyes and can grab this and run with it?


  • daniel-p

    "This thread is making news in itself, with almost 24,000 viewers. "

    Um, I'm not too sure that means viewERS. Just "views." About 6000 of those views are mine!

  • Emma

    Hello Newbies from the Netherlands. Welcome!

    (and other newbies, too!)


  • undercover
    I'm excited and plan to advertise, advertise, advertise this good news of the WT's demise far and wide!!

    In the words of Doc Halliday in "Tombstone":

    "Gettin' a little head of ourselves, aren't we boys? After all, this is just another mining camp."

    Meaning, we are talking about a penny ante religion when compared to the rest of the world. The WTS doesn't amount to much compared to other shit happening around the world. Any scandal that may appear giant to us, may not even cause a blip on the radar of the media looking for some real newsworthy scandal to report.

  • Beep,Beep

    ""Too many lies. Too many secrets. Too many policies and teachings that are directly contrary to the Bible. It just isn't possible that God is with them.""

    Really ? Would you care to explain this comment ? What policies and teachings do you see as contrary to the Bible ? What secrets ? What lies ? I have been looking to prove such to myself but have yet to find convincing evidence

    However, just as an example, everthing I have looked at concerning the supposed teaching that the end would come in 1975 is a bust. Not there. People take a couple of statements and try to make them more than what was said.

  • minimus

    Beep beep----you must be dumb.

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