Huge shock!

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  • Crumpet

    this is surreal - i couldn't make this up in a work of fiction. how the hell is it that i find out by sheer accident when i get a photo f my sister with hubby thatshe is married two years after the fact because i find by sheer accident someone i knew on this board. and then to top that when i confront the patriach he replies with this earth shattering confirmation by text - not even a phone call to soften the blow...

  • mouthy

    if i were you i would send your sister a present and a card and say you only just found out and how hurt you are but how you hope shes happy

    Yes that is what I would do. I am so sorry for you Crumpet.But I would not take the advice of going to your Dads door. One in my support group did that twice. & was arrested for stalking( His Father & Stepmother accused him) He spent time in jail. Do the Loving thing. Forgive them & go on with you life.

    DEFD >I KNOW what YOU need also....((((HUG)))

  • luna2

    Oh, Crumpey, how mean they are! I have no words of wisdom, I'd be hurt and wanting to say bad words too.

    I will say that the more immature, revenge-seeking part of me thinks that purchasing Mary's old folk's home bumper sticker (or something like it), gift wrapping it and sending it to the parents might feel satisfying.

  • freedomlover

    Crumpet - this was such an interesting thread to me ....why? Well my hubby's (ITIS) mom just married a big wig witness and he didn't even call or invite his inactive 27 year old daughter. I was furious. I am on the hunt to find this girl now to talk to her and let her know. she will probably feel just like you.

    I am so sorry they did that to you. It's just sooo wrong and unhuman.

    ((((((((((((((( feel the love crumpet!!))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • DHL
    How crumby does that make this crumpet feel.


    I know! So sorry this forum doesn't like nasty words. I'd have some available for you.

    But I guess you better rant here than over there. I tend to agree with pubsinger. They're perverts. They would love to hear you screaming, shouting and calling names because it would make them feel superior to you. It would show them how worldly you really are and how right they were to stop connecting with you. Keep smiling and seem untouched - that will really irritate them.

  • jgnat

    I'd still go for the newspaper ad. And keep in mind your dad is only giving you his version. Maybe your sister has another.

    You could send your sister a 'Congrats On Your Wedding' / 'to The Bride And Groom' card at a time when she'll already have received 1st Anniversary cards - she'll know you've only just heard.....

    How about putting a personal ad in your parent's home town and surrounding community, congratulating them on their marriage, having only just heard, and requesting they keep in touch so that you don't lose contact completely for necessary family business. Put in a word about how unfortunate that the JW shunning policy came between you.

    Think about it, if your dad fell down with a heart attack tomorrow, you'd have no idea how to find your sister.

  • Crumpet

    Mouthy - whenever you respond to one of my threads I feel all warm inside and you make me want to cry too because your kindness and love are just so apparent each and every time. I feel so lucky as I am sure others do to have you here for us, when you have been through so much yourself.

    I texted the response i got from my dear daddy onto my boyfriend at work and really hope he would call. And he did in seconds. That was a comfort too and a pointer in the direction of being rational about it.

    However I'd be more than happy to hear any fiendish or funny responses you might propose just to alleviate the seriousness of the moment. I probably wont follow any of them through. My bf said silence is the loudest response and tha if my parents have any human feeling left at all then me saying nothing at all (oh dear i'm hearing ronan keating now) will hopefully make them feel guilty. My fingers are itchng to text something but i'll exercise them here instead.

    and freedom lover - if you do track down ths inactive girl do direct her here so she can benefit from having someone in a similar situ to talk to and read the responses.

  • whyamihere

    Oh Honey I am so sorry.

    I don't know how anyone mainly your father, can be so cruel. When my family acts that way(not as harsh as yours) I just think to myself it is better that they do this to me, than I to them. I couldn't live with myself if I was like that. It does make me feel somewhat better knowing I am more human, and I have a heart.

    My heart goes out to you Darling


  • Pubsinger

    Oh well if your not ACTUALLY gonna do anything evil.

    Go to the park, shovel up a load of dog crap into a beautiful gift box and send it with a note saying "just to let you know how I'm feeling"

  • Enigma One
    Enigma One

    Me? Screw the newspaper. I'd do a self mailer or an envelope package. Send it to the 5,000 addresses right next to your parent's and sister's houses. Make it true. Make it snarky. A 5,000 piece mailing should cost you about $ 2,000 including postage. I say money well spent!!!! If you can't afford that much then make the mailing list 2,500 people...that would cost you about $ 1,200. LOL.

    Of course you could print it out yourself at a "Kinko's" or whatever and only cost you 1/2 of the above prices. SCREW EM!!!

    Send out 5,000 letters with a picture of your sister asking "Have you seen my sister"? Like they have on the back of milk cartons. LOL

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