Do you still use Jehovah's name in prayer assuming you still pray?

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  • LittleToe


    ...By the way, did you know that Satan (not even once!) uses God's name? Not even once!

    Neither did Jesus - he consistently refers to Him as "Father" or "my God"

  • Pole

    ::...By the way, did you know that Satan (not even once!) uses God's name? Not even once!
    This is because the name is so holy that Satan might disappear struck with a beam of holy anti-matter by even mentioning it! That's why the name works so well as a demon repellent!

  • inquirer


    Neither did Jesus - he consistently refers to Him as "Father" or "my God"


    Inq -- Matthew 4: 10 Then Jesus said to him: “Go away, Satan! For it is written, ‘It is Jehovah your God you must worship, and it is to him alone you must render sacred service.’”

    There is one place where he says it! He is quoting the Hebrew Scriptures here so...

    All these other manuscripts from the 1300's agree from the New World Translation: J1-14,16-18,20,22-24

    Also if you think he called him my father or God... it depends on how reliable the manuscripts are.... A lot of those Lord or God Scriptures (most of them Lord) should say the divine name instead!

    But... I don't feel there is a need to rely what's written in the Hebrew Scriptures... Why not just the say the divine name without this obessession if it's there in the Hebrew Scriptures! Just say the name because you love God! Jesus would have said it without quoting HS! Just like people like me today who use the name.

    ...Well, next time I message you, I'll call you your real name. I won't say Little Toe. :D Because you are special! We all are! And certainly God is infinetly (8 -- on it's side) is more special!

  • inquirer


    LOL. did you know, satan (according to the bible) didn't say much more than 10 sentences in all his millennialong life?


    Inq --

    What would you know? You don't even believe in the Bible! ;)

    That's not the point, don't you see the parallel with human beings not using the name as well?

    I think you a wrong there anyway. I think you are exaggerating a bit... Were they big setences or mainly short ones? 10 doesn't sound like much at first...

  • Ellie

    When i was a little kid i used to sometimes say 2 prayers before bed, one to Jehovah and one to another god, just incase Jehovah wasn't the real god.

    Now I very rarely pray but if I do then I still use Jehovah's name.

  • inquirer

    I've noticed that people from the UK are more likely to say the divine name more than the Americans!

    Maybe that's because that's where the King James Bible (obviously a very well-known translation) uses the name!

    Americans tend not to use the name as much. :D lol

    Just my observation.

  • Pole

    ::I've noticed that people from the UK are more likely to say the divine name more than the Americans!
    American apostates are basically more demon-possesed than the British ones.

  • LittleToe

    Inq:I'll remember that when you trell me your name

    Interestingly the Apostles don't use the Name, either. You'd think that Jesus would have impressed that on them, too, huh?

  • inquirer


    Never thought about that one before. I mean, when you think about it, the main people (and spiritual beings) we hear about in the Greek Scriptures is: Jesus, The Father, Timothy, John the baptist (John the apostle), Pharisees, Saducess, Satan (not mentioned hardly at all in the Hebrew Scriptures!) Judas Mary Magdelene (there's 5 other Mary's in the Bible.)...And God's power (holy spirit) is mentioned a lot in it...

    When you think about it, althought that may be true, there are a lot of nationalities dealt with, but not many main characters. Little is known of the 12 disciples of Jesus. But they were the ones with Jesus doing all these miracles too!

    That's probably why people take an interest in the Divinci Code or Pseudopigrapha.

  • jaffacake


    Because it was removed.

    If that is true, then we do not possess any inspired Christian Greek scripture. My source of inspired NT scripture is the 5,000 ancient Greek manuscripts, what are your sources? Are do you mean that the inspired scriptures were not preserved at all.

    The only sources of Christian Greek scriptures that exist today, that include the Divine Name, are modern (14th to 20th century versions) Have you studied these versions? I think you would be shocked at what they contain. If, like me you are NOT a trinitarian, why would you rely on modern trinitarian sources as the canon, yet ignore manuscripts some dating back to within a few decades of the deaths of some of the authors?

    I have taken delivery of the Kindom Greel Interlinear NT today and a 1984 reference NWT. I intend to research the sources of each and every one of the 237 J references in the NWT.

    Tell me why does it say "Jah" at revelation 4 times! Why do we give him praise if he is not important still?

    I believe it is important still. But not as important as the Name mentioned 1,000 times in the NT. Even the NWT contains the name of Jesus Christ about 1,000 times compared with 237 references to Jehovah.

    Where does it say in the Bible "Oh don't use God's name in the NT?" ...I mean how is it unscriptural to use YHWH? It was written 1000's of times! You've got to be kidding!

    No it doesn't, of course. My point is that it is unscriptural to accept ancient sources as inspired canon, except for 237 instances of one word. Then the inspired sources jump a thousand years or more to modern (inc trinitarian sources) for inspiration, but only for that one word. These sources are otherwise rejected as Satanic!? All I ask is consistency and integrity.

    Now, I'll ask you this question. Have you read the book "The name of God Yehowah" by Gerard Gertoux? He talks about all these issues in this book!

    No I haven't but I will try to get it and read it. In return, would you read "The Tetragrammaton and the Christian Greek Scriptures" by Lynn Lundquist (not the booklets on the website). It is available on Commentary Press. Where can I get the book you mentioned?

    I think your reasoning is unscriptural. Call him "Jehovah" until 1 AD. ...Hmmm better call him Jesus now, sorry about that! Sounds obsurd to me!

    Perhaps are basic starting points are quite far apart. You seem to want a continuous flow of doctrine from old to new testament. What about the revolution that was Christ and Christianity? Why did Christ never use the name Jehovah? Even in the NWT, why are there at least SEVEN whole books of the NT that NEVER even mention the Divine Name, not once, including one of Paul's very important letters?

    The bit about better call him Jesus now...I agree would be absurd. Did you think I implied that? I do not believe in the trinity! I do not believe Jesus is the same person as Jahweh or Jehovah. My point was that Jesus, for some reason called him Father or God, and all other NT authors referred to the Jahweh as Lord or God. Just because it was wrong to remove the Divine Name from the OT, does not mean it is right to insert it into the NT without clear evidence that it was ever there. Two wrongs don't make a right.

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