Do you still use Jehovah's name in prayer assuming you still pray?

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  • jaffacake

    I find your tone and comments over the top. You are not the only person to feel passionate about this issue. Where on earth do you get the notion I am making fun of you? We each have valid but opposing opinions.

    You seem to suggest that because you have researched for 5 years, then you must be right and all other researchers wrong, and that I have no right to take a different view. This is a discussion board.

    How can you say I have knocked down your 5 years of research in 5 posts? You could take the view that your argument stands firm, and that I have made a fool of myself by disagreeing with all the evidence you have posted. But it seems that anyone who disagrees with you is accused of 'unfair criticism'. What do you consider to be fair criticism?. The points I make are not mine, as explained, but many of them are from highly respected people, although that does not make them right! But I have a right to tell you why I agree with them, and you have the right to explain why you don't.

    I've personally researched for far less than 5 years, but, like you I have studied the research of other highly respected people. Faced with the evidence they present, I agree with them, because of the weight of evidence, and because of my reading of the New Testament itself - even the NWT. Other scholars disagree with the conclusions of Ray Franz, Lundquist, Peterson & others. I happen to think Ray has done very thorough research before concluding that the JW pre-1931 position was right. That does not detract from your own research.

    Let's just agree to disagree, I don't suppose you want to compare textual sources for each of the NWT 237 J-References, one by one, do you? I'll start a new thread when I start this new line of research. But I would rather you didn't respond if you're gonna get so angry and defensive.

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