Do you still use Jehovah's name in prayer assuming you still pray?

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  • katiekitten

    I prayed for the first time in years the other night.

    I prayed 'dear god'. I prayed that my daughter wouldnt hate me, because my ex-husband sent me a text saying he was going to make her hate me because it was my fault our marriage ended, and she was old enough to be told the truth now (shes 7).

    I prayed that maybe a beautiful thing could come out of a manky old piece of rubbish, like a pearl coming from a dirty old oyster.

    Its the only thing I have ever felt really moved to talk to Him about.

  • googlemagoogle

    sure i use jehovah's name. my prayers go like this: "hey there god, here's jehovah talking". this way he always get's confused. it's great fun!

  • sonnyboy
    Even the Witnesses admit that "Jehovah" is not the correct pronunciation of the Divine Name.

    And Jesus' real name is Yeshua. I'm not sure why it was changed.

  • jwfacts

    Praying is now quite strange to me, as i don't quite know what i believe of who God is. The few times i have prayed i like to use the term creator or father.

  • DannyBloem

    Other language, pronounce names different. Well they used to do this, now with globalization it is not very pratical anymore.

    Liek so many bible persons:

    James, Santiago, Jacobus

    John, Joan, Johannes

    Matthew, Mateo, Mattheus

    Peter, Pedro, Petrus

    Jesse, Jese, Isai

    (engish, spanish, dutch)


  • PaulJ
    when i call my dad on the phone, i don't say hi ***... i say hi dad. i do this out of respect. so why should i disrespect my heavenly father as to call him by his name, much less a name that is poor translated and overly anglicized???

    in a new york bethel minute.... thanks for the above comment. This is one of the many reasons why i love this site. I usually refer to him as Jehovah and call him such. But your simple reasoning here really makes me think!


  • inquirer

    Why should we stop using God's name Jehovah, just because they use it? It's not a Jehovah's Witnesses convention! It was in the King James version! I don't know what the big deal is about saying Jehovah in prayer. Jesus addressed him as father but wanted his name respected or hallowed... He obviously wanted us to use it. And to paraphrase him quoting Deuteronomy when he had it out with Satan... He told him to go away and it is Jehovah you must worship!

    Unfortunately a lot of people pull the curtains across down on this subject, and it's such an important subject, but Lord, and Yahweh are not proper because Lord is a title and Yahweh is based on Aramaic not Hebrew! That's why I dont' like Yahweh, and it's basically a subsitute for the divine name. There's a character in the Bible called "Jehoash" and also "Joshua" and "Jehosophat." Don't you think they sound like Jehovah? Because the Jews incorporated the divine name in their names because they were a extremely religious bunch! If you put "Yahweh" next to "Jehoash," it's like putting a circle shape in the square hole!

    I think it's obsurd that you people don't say God's name anymore just because of the Jehovah's Witnesses! I wish you had better reasons for that! I find it sad people turn away from God and become athiests... just because of JW's...

    If you prefer to call God "Jesus" or "Yahweh," that's fine. But it's so sad just to do everything in opposition to the Jehovah's Witnesses! Do your own thing! Don't let JW concious hurt your relationship with God!

    I use the name Jehovah because he answers my prayers with that name. I know he answers if you don't use the name, because YOUR situation is different to mine. I am sure the "Lord's prayer" will go a long way! :) We all have a relationship with God, so he treats everyone accordingly. A prayer that is honest hearted is the prayer he'll answer. You really have to ask him about using his name if you are not sure. But I find it easy because I really want to grab his attention!

    I just think if Jesus has a name, why not Almighty God?

  • TheListener

    When I pray I get confused as to what to say. Sometimes I say Jehovah, mostly when praying with witness relatives. when I pray by myself I say father and Yahweh. After saying Yahweh I always add, "if that's correct."

    When I pray by myself now I feel closer to God than I used to. My prayers aren't as routine as they were as a full fledged dub.

  • doofdaddy

    I pray thus

    Oh heavenly hamburger

    Thy scent be pleasing all over this craven earth

    Thy will be eaten

    Thy heartburn come

    Thus surely all will know I have consumed you

    And all will come to pass


  • ButtLight

    The only time I ever pray, is usually when Im scared. Any ghost type situations, I pray, and I still use the name jehovah. (that was quite some time ago)

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