Do you still use Jehovah's name in prayer assuming you still pray?

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  • JH

    If you do pray, will you use the name that's above all other names....says the Watchtower.

    If not, what name do you use?

  • bennyk

    It seems inappropriate (to me) to use the Divine Name when directly (well, mediated-by-our-Lord-Christ-Jesus) addressing my heavenly Father. Consequently, my prayers use the term "Father".

  • prophecor

    I can not help what it is the Goodie Mob in Brooklyn has done in Hi-Jacking the name of God. It was the first thing Jesus stated we were to do when petitioning the Almighty, therefore, when it comes to my personal prayers, I still invoke the name of God, as that of Jehovah, in spite of what's gone on in God's name within the WTBTS.

  • JH

    I love what you just said prophecor !!!

    This would be a "great" thread. "Did the Watchtower Hijack God's name, making anyone believe they have the right religion because they use the Divine Name".

  • steve2

    I do not use Jehovah's name in prayer, but I use Jesus name in vain when I kick my toe. Does that count?

  • JH

    You know what Steve2, so do I......

    Especially when it hurts, a name has to be yelled.

  • damselfly

    I was never big on prayer, I can count on my hands how many times I've prayed in my life. All were as a JW. Two memorable prayers as a child were asking God why I was struggling with the concept of god ,the other was to help my family deal emotionally with my leaving. That's it.


  • Athanasius

    Even the Witnesses admit that "Jehovah" is not the correct pronunciation of the Divine Name. Most scholars favor Yahweh as the preferable, if not the correct pronunciation. However, the prayer Jesus taught his followers to pray is the "Our Father Prayer" (Lord's Prayer).

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    If I were addressing my earthly father, I would not ever call him by his personal name. I would know it, respect it, and have deep regard for the importance of it to my earthly father. But I would never use it in personal address.

    Jesus always addressed his prayers with 'Father', and so do I.


  • orangefatcat

    When I pray to God, I have used Jehovah's name, but it has nothing to do with the JWs stuff, because I know that is the name of God even in the KJ version and also many other religioins us his name.

    I guess it depends. Sometimes when I have an intense prayer I more apt to use his name. But I also close my prayer in the name of the father son and holy spirit.


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