Christmas not Xmas!

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  • ithinkisee

    Children Xing = Children CROSS-ing

    X = Cross

    Simple equation my 7 year old can do.


  • jaffacake
    All I see is jehovah's Witness style semantics but with a different flavour.

    When I posted the above I meant the same as what John Doe and Confession expressed:

    They do not express these things as opinions--but as facts. Their own fake confidence can sometimes inspire others to join in with them, and before you know it a whole group of self-appointed Guardians has popped up. Under the right circumstances it produces religious organizations, with leaders (thinking and talking just like Hibiscus,) who think they have the sole right to speak for God--with no toleration for the beliefs of others--including other Godly people.

    I just wish Hibe would just pause...and ask herself whether just perhaps...just maybe...she is behaving in a very similar way to JWs and other similar religions, just the way Confession expressed it. Unfortunately, she is less likely to pause and reflect due to the frantic pace of such contentious threads.

    Prize to Hibe for a new record number of pages in such a short time. p.s. welcome back DEFD

  • Fe2O3Girl

    I have given several references which state that the X in Xmas is the initial of the Greek for Christ. It is not a reference to the cross.

  • Oroborus21


    I think pointing out rude behaviour and unchristian qualities are valid criticism. There is a difference between attacking a person simply to attack them or as an ad hominem tactic in a losing argument and pointing out, in my opinion of course, that a person is displaying bad qualities.

    I don't feel that we need to shy away from the latter course in the name of being "sensitive." If someone came into the forum and began behaving inappropriately I would expect that we all would be justified in telling the person such and if the behavior was extreme enough, (not the case in this instance of course) that the administrator's would consider banning the person).

    Hibiscus, is a big girl, she can take my criticism of her characteristics, which again in my view is bad form. And just to clarify, I am not saying her point of view is what is wrong, although it be in error. I am saying that she is not displaying Christian humility in admitting that she is wrong or even acknowledging what others have written. Despite these flaws, I am sure she is a good person at heart, or at least I hope that she is.

    Undercover it is "Christwalk" not Crosswalk, don't you know that? Actually the X is used a number of ways as you have illustrated it can mean "cross" but that is not the meaning in Xmas or X-mas. The meaning there is "Christ".

    Wonders whetehr Hibie has or condones having a "fish" on her car?


  • Legolas


    We need an emoticon of a smiley face eating popcorn....

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I tried to wade thru the nine pages of nonsense here, HIB.

    It seems clear to all, except you, that this in a non-issue. There have been numerous points made to which you convienently avoid commenting. Obviously you are angry at those of us who prefer to abbreviate the word that denotes a single holiday celebration. And you do not care for what particular reasons it is done. THE GREAT HIBISCUS HAS SPOKEN, AND NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.

    It is xactly [note the spelling] this sort of legalistic self righteousness that has turned many away from the very things you claim you wish they would return.

    I really doubt if Jesus gives a flying furlong about the way this holiday is represented in pitiful human characters and graphics. Is He that petty to you?

    Jeff [of the tired of tirade class]

  • delilah

    I'm not at all bothered when people use the X, instead of CHRIST in the word Christmas. . I suppose it's because of my background in the JW belief....that Jesus was not born on December 25th, so therefore it is a pagan holiday anyways.( Blah blah blah)... I dunno, but there are holiday cards for Jews who celebrate Christmukkah. That's a different way of saying Happy Hannukah and Merry Christmas, all wrapped up in one celebration . The holidays mean different things to different people.

    My family celebrates Christmas as a time for us to be together and really enjoy one another, to be thankful that we are alive and well, and to remind us that we should share with those who are less fortunate, or maybe don't have a family to celebrate with. If that makes me unChristian, well, I guess that's what I am.


  • undercover
    We need an emoticon of a smiley face eating popcorn....

    Allright!...Thanky much

  • jaffacake


    Been thinking again.

    I know some real nice folks - my daughter's friend & family who really do celebtrate Christmas in a true Christian fashion, putting the 'true meaning of Christmas' ahead of commercial aspects. They also spend the whole holiday giving their time and practical help to those most genuinely in need.

    We get a lovely Christian card each year wishing us all a peaceful 'xmas'. My personal preference would be to spell out the word Christmas, but would it not be unChristian of me to mention this view to them and take a superior position, when in reality I don't consider myself worthy to tie their shoelaces, in terms of being a genuine faithful Christian? How dare I strain out the gnat.....? I wonder if your points represent your particular minister's or denomination's rhetoric rather than your own?

    Please treat my questions as rhetorical.

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