Climate: Natural disasters

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  • DaCheech

    Are you kidding me?

    There are lands (pacific islands) where people are 99.99% god fearing, and they get struck by hurricanes!!!!

  • hibiscusfire

    Dac: Are you kidding me?

    There are lands (pacific islands) where people are 99.99% god fearing, and they get struck by hurricanes!!!!

    Yes I know there are many people who are god fearing and still have to go through these things and even die. These are very trying times. But still they have faith. Look at how Jesus was persecuted for us. It had to be done for something better to happen in the end.

    Those god fearing people who would have lost their lives in these disasters would have already known where they would end up eventually...scared as they would be. Jesus was scared too. They have somewhere to look forward too. It is not an easy life on earth. It certainly is not. We can't just say well that is it. There is something more...and very powerful.


  • Awakened07

    hibiscusfire - were you ever a Jehovah's Witness? Just curious.

  • hibiscusfire

    hibiscusfire - were you ever a Jehovah's Witness? Just curious.

    No. Why?

    Are you a JW Awakened?


  • Awakened07

    No. Why?

    Are you a JW Awakened?

    I don't consider myself a JW, no - if I did, I wouldn't be posting here.

    It was not an attack on you, it was just to help me form a mental image of where you're coming from, much like reading people's profiles may do the same.

  • DaCheech

    This thread is a waste.

    the facts do not support your conclusions.

    BTW, noah's flood account is a fable, shared by thousands of cultures....... all with diffrent characters, and details.

  • Kudra

    Holy crap.

    People in the 21st century actually believe these things...?

  • funkyderek


    You know something? I don't really believe there was an Ice Age. How is it possible?

    It certainly shouldn't be possible for an adult in the 21st century not to believe this fact.. My best guess as to why you do not is that you were for some reason deprived of a normal education and/or you have been influenced by religious fundamentalists into believing nonsense. But don't worry, it's never too late to learn.

    We know that the ice in the poles are melting too. So therefore the Ice Age existed since the creation of the earth. Thence there were those types of animals living there. We still have penguins, polarbears....what else do we have?

    Oh dear. It's going to be an uphill struggle. That statement doesn't even make enough sense for me to be able to correct you.

    I do believe that there were dinosaurs.

    Well, that's a start.

    God created them too.

    Let's leave that aside for the moment. However dinosaurs came into existence, they were gone some 65 million years ago and really have no bearing on a discussion about recent ice ages, although their extinction was almost certainly caused or hastened by a severe climatic event.

    We still have some pretty prehistoric looking creatures alive today. They are just smaller. I consider the rhino, hippo, giraff, zebra, wart hog etc prehistoric looking ....and bats etc.

    Good for you. "Prehistoric-looking" doesn't really mean anything though. All the animals you named are mammals and thus, came into existence (in their present forms, at least) after, and most likely as a result of, the demise of the dinosaurs. You are right though that they are prehistoric. All have been around far far longer than the 10,000 years or so of human history.

    What about the parts covered by water from the flood of Noah's days?

    That's just a story. If you're interested in theology, by all means talk about Noah and other mythological characters, but if you're looking for scientific answers you'll need to leave aside the book of fairy-tales.

    God says if we humble ourselves and pray He would heal our land. Some people believe and they pray ...others don't. I believe even now God would heal our land if the people will behave themselves.

    Unfortunately, many people believe such a thing. That often prevents them from taking action themselves to forestall disaster and to repair the damage already done.

    From the bible Genesis tells how God divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament. Have you ever wondered about what that meant? It was like a cover....a canopy!

    That's one of the many many ways we know the flood story is nonsense. No such canopy could possibly exist, nor is there any evidence that it ever did. The same is true of the rest of your fanciful explanations.

    This explains the climate back then in Bible history.

    Bible history is a tenuous concept at best. certainly, for the first few chapters of Genesis, there is no correspondence whatsoever with the actual history of the world. It was made up by Bronze Age nomads who didn't know any better. Unlike them, you have no excuse for believing such primitive nonsense.

  • Highlander
    Like I always tell people, they had a choice to go into the ark but they didn't.

    That's a very failed concept. This ark that you believe in, was not built to hold more than a handful of people among all the animals that it was designed to save. If anyone else had even wanted to board the ark, they would have been turned away due to a lack of space. If the global flood were true(which it's not), the people of Noah's day were set up for failure. There was no intention of saving them.

  • nvrgnbk

    For the lovely hibiscusfire...

    Wake up and smell the coffee!

    Like funkyd said, it's not too late to learn!

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