Our Own Conference

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  • Eyebrow2

    OOO I prefer Dallas...we have universities woohoo!

    I think this is an interesting idea...and I think I would attend. I don't know what part I could contribute, but wouldn't mind pitching in with something.

  • Honesty

    Would we be purchasing parking tickets in advance?

  • luna2

    A very interesting idea.

  • Cygnus

    Would it turn into a - smoke weed, get high, drink as much beer as you can - fest? If so, no thanks. :(

  • talesin

    ~ There are often community centres where you can hold things such as this FREE. I can think of two locations here. Traditionally, you may not get a huge attendance for the first few years when something new is started up, unless you have a 'draw', such as a concert w/ name band, or a famous speaker giving the keynote.

    It may be good to plan the actual 'conference' location with that in mind. It's fairly easy to accommodate 100 or less. The surroundings don't need to be luxurious, yet should be functional. You need to be able to have A/V and sound equipment, seating, and a coffee setup. Social activities could be planned at the usual type of local hotel used for a 'fest, and this part can be separate from the conference budget (though the cost is usually minimal).

    ~ A booth at the conference, where folks can get directions, learn about the planned social activities, that also has a list of emergency numbers, first aid kit, etc.

    ~ Funds can raised by selling advertising for the program. For example, this would appeal to local companies who have an internet mail order business.

    I was heavily involved in organizing a festival for several years, and was trying to think of suggestions that may be adaptable to this... that's all that comes to mind atm.


  • damselfly

    Valis ~ I think this a great idea. I promise to come if I can.


  • Valis

    I was laying around in bed this afternoon..lol and I just thought to myself IF I was going to put together such a thing I have the perfect place. Right in the middle of downtown Dallas... It would probably cost nothing to have such an event at my college. We have plenty of classrooms and a sizeable auditorium, not to mention plenty of hotels around in walking distance, restuarants etc.. There are some advantages to working in the same place for more than 10 years you know... That would take a rather large chunk of cost out of the way too..

    I would still like ideas for content and am thinking of some categories much like we have specific forum areas here. For instance if we had some readings from work like Father's Touch, or maybe even some scenes from the play about JWs that opened in NYC, I really think it would bring the humanistic side of our issues to the fore and make an excellent addition to the other subjects we could present.

    Would it turn into a - smoke weed, get high, drink as much beer as you can - fest? If so, no thanks. :(

    Don't even try and be a smartass with me.. If wasn't serious and just wanted a party I wouldn't have bothered..

  • ballistic
  • Valis

    whoa there ballistic! Yesterday you had a smaller spatula...

  • rebel8

    I like Talesin's idea. ex-jw authors or business owners may want to advertise too.

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