Was raised a Witness...I left for a few years as a rebellious teenager, and then jumped back in when I was 20, baptized at 21, and was a HARDCORE witness...we are taking Nazi Witness here, for several years until I started thinking for myself at the age of 26. I married not too long after I faded away, but have never been DF'd and have never DA'd myself...I have family members in, and while I don't discuss religion with them, I do not want them to have to chose between the rules and having a relationship with me. I have a whole bunch of kiddos...in my early 30s, I have finally figured out that YES, I do have to die some day, so I sure better make sure I enjoy life and make the most of it..so I am trying to do that, and give the best life possible to my kids, so when I do die, it can be knowing that I have no regrets.