Exposing one's identity. When?

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  • kairos

    I've been toying with the idea of just coming out and posting my name and location as an attempt to be available to locals that secretly browse the forum that have known me for up to 25 years. ( "reaching out", so to speak )

    I'm not DA'd or DF'd, so this most certainly could end in a dramatic confrontation. I think I told that one elder that visited me a while back ( http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/topic/288882/surprise-elder-visit-today ) that if they tried to form a JC on my behalf I would create a local "media circus".

    Talk me off the ledge?

  • millie210

    That is a BIG step kairos!

    Do you think what you gain will be greater than what you stand to rake in to your life that could be negative?

    I know it sure would be tempting to do though. I am fairly sure that I know one poster here in real life. I havent said anything though and they havent either. But I know Im not really ready.

    Do you feel ready?

  • finally awake
    finally awake

    I put my info out here once, absolutely nothing happened

  • kairos
    If I posted links to this site on utility poles near my old KH, maybe I could "start a study"... Pffffffft!! 
  • Simon

    It's your decision - you should make sure you have thought through all the possible scenarios and are OK with the possible outcomes before you do it.

    Just remember - it's not a genie that you can put back in the bottle.

  • NewYork44M
    The concern of "coming out" relates to how you name will show up on a random internet search.  I have no problem identifying myself as an ex JW. I just don't do so in a way that it will show up in an internet search.
  • stuckinarut2
    God point New York 44m!!

    Exposing one's identity. When?



  • JWdaughter

    In this time of identity theft, I try to keep my real name off the internet forums. I once put my email on a forum and had reason to regret it later, so, think hard about what you have said, what you will say and how much you have to lose. Even if no JWs connected to you do anything about it, there are some crazies online (JW and otherwise) who make it their life's work to destroy others-just because they can. I have seen one specific incident online that was actually devastating to a family and career. I have seen others who have had their lives exposed online in very ugly ways just because someone didn't like their opinion. JWs and ex JWs have done these things. So called Christians have. People can be ugly and you don't know who ANY of us are.

    I like your cojones to consider it, but it may be a bit of a Pyrric victory, if you know what I mean.

  • kairos

    I'll think on this for a while. Thanks for the posts, of course.

    I've reconnected with five exJWs from my area since my exit.
    I can only imagine how many are on the edge/scared to leave.

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