Exposing one's identity. When?

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  • dubstepped

    So Kairos, is that the end? I guess they wait until after 7 days passes and then announce? I'm hoping our DA is announced this Wednesday but who knows. They haven't been in a hurry to date.

    Take care. Sorry it has to come down to such things for both of us, in a way, but looking forward to the freedom.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower
    I hope you can sue the bastards for this assacination of you character or something. If not I feel the day is coming where you will be in a long line in a class action suit to pick at the bones of an already shell of former publishing empire being depleted of it's assets.
  • kairos

    I have decided to just let it go.

    For my wife's sake.
    No more action on my part.
    They will make the announcement to a small group of older folks and absolutely nothing will change in my life except no more annoying JW elder calls or visits.

    That's really what I have wanted all along for the last few years.

    Anyway, this topic serves as a permanent record of how "loving shepherds of the flock" treat good people.

  • Phizzy
    Dear Kairos, I wish you, and your wife, all the best for the rest of your lives, enjoy every day to the full, and if the JW Org and its pathetic Eldums come into your mind, just say to yourself "F**k 'em all, I'm FREE !"
  • kairos

    It is sinking in, but the reality is... Nothing will change.

    The last few hold-out JWs will now join in on the loving shunning.
    ( feel the love! )

    Not a problem.
    I will engage who I please, if I'm up to it.

    I have no reason to honor their ridiculous shunning decree.
    They can run and hide, for all I care.


    So, everything played out pretty much as expected. No surprises.

    The Geoffrey Jackson testimony that led the Royal Commission to proclaim the JWs a "captive religion" was very appropriate to my situation.

    They will hunt you down if they can...


    I should have just DA'd instead of stepping down as a servant.

    Would have been so much easier.
    On the other hand, I have become the most notorious exJW in Napa's history.
    Possibly the only one DF'd for admitted apostasy!!

    I hope some people start researching the ORG as a result.

  • dubstepped

    Hey Kairos,

    I'm so sorry that it all goes down like this. It just isn't a fun outcome and they just make it to where there really isn't one because you just want to go live your life and they won't let you without taking others with them. It sucks. However, I'm glad to see that you're just letting it go. Getting wrapped up in trying to sue them or anything isn't likely to serve your interests. Spend your time on your wife and new life. Trying to sue or something like that is just going to take time and lots of money and they have deeper pockets than you.

    You'll probably go through ups and downs for some time even after this. I know that my wife and I have good days and bad, though honestly it is more the loss of family than anything that bothers us. We both wish you well on your journey and are eagerly awaiting our announcement soon.

    By the way, tonight while on a job the family talked to us about the whole J-dub stuff at length and where we stood. It was amazing to talk to people who didn't judge, just listened, and tried to be supportive. There are amazing relationships to be formed out their in the evil world with people that frankly treated us better in one conversation than the organization did in the many relationships that we thought we had. So, keep your head up. Don't worry about waking others up as much as you do enjoying your freedom, if you can, and learn to enjoy the beauty of life around you that you've likely ignored for most of your life like many of us.

  • kairos

    They made their little announcement last night.

    I realized this morning that I can now go on with my life free from JW distractions.

    I actually feel pretty good.

  • kairos

    **Two years out and gone**

    The freedom has been wonderful and exhausting.
    I value this freedom more than I thought possible.

    The shunning is good/bad.
    I miss a handful of people. That's sad.
    Leaving the indoctrination and mindless JW conversations was the best decision ever.

    That first step out was the hardest of all.
    Research your religion and answer all your own questions.
    Leave no stone unturned. The decision to stay or go will become clear to you.

    I am at a place at life where I make choices only after I've been honest with myself.

  • Iamallcool

    When are you going to tell us your name and location?

  • Chook

    I’m going to post my face on flippers thread if they officially linch me .

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