Exposing one's identity. When?

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  • kairos

    Another slip up was detected. Very subtle, but I don't miss much.

    I explained that I will create a media circus and expose their conduct if they don't leave me alone. ( which I will )

    He says: "You already are...er...uh".

    Read JWN much, stalker!!

  • kairos

    Another jolly-fun day today!

    I missed a call from, yes, another elder and his message inviting me to meet with them/him to "deal with this problem we have become aware of."


    I took swift action today with the help of the Napa County Sheriff's Dept.
    Deputy immediately ( 15 mins ) came to my home and I explained the situation clearly with him and let him listen to the elder's phone message. Probably helped that I had each call documented and each elder's name, address and phone number!

    Of note, the elders only call me on my business cell phone during the work day.

    HE called the elder and firmly told him to stop contacting me or they will be found in violation of penal code 653m ( repeated annoying and harassing phone calls ). He explained that no formal legal complaint has been filed, but there is case file with all of the information. He then warned them that legal action is the next step.

    Then he tried to call two more elders...

    Left a message for one ( from my phone ) and the other line was busy.

    I thanked him for his help to me today and his service in the community.

    I feel pretty good right now, friends.
    Protect your fade!!

    Let's all stand and sing song number...


  • troubled mind
    troubled mind
    Good for you Kairos ! Does it feel like a weight has lifted yet ? I hope this will now put an end to their harassment .
  • dubstepped

    I just wanted to chime in and tell you that if you decide to do so, it is okay to let go. It takes more strength to let go than it does to continue to engage. If I'm reading this all wrong, feel free to tell me, but from what I read and gathered it just looks like this whole thing is taking a toll on people that are already beat down and fragile (you and your wife). You deserve better than those people. You can fight them tooth and nail and expend tremendous energy that might be better spent loving on yourself and your wife and saving what actually matters. My wife and I just DA'ed (still waiting on elders to find our letter and get their act together enough to make the formal announcement) and it is so freeing. I'm a natural fighter that doesn't go down without getting my licks in. However, I see more and more how that's just my ego trying to control things that are often out of my control. I don't know all of your history or claim to, but I hate to see you getting yourself so worked up over something that doesn't matter, as you say. It doesn't matter, so let it go. Let them go. Save your energy to fight for those things that matter and just send them a DA letter and move on. I know that a lot of people here criticize that strategy as letting them win, but I'm the one sitting here in peace and freedom while others are fighting these intense battles and going through tremendous agony to keep up something that is toxic at best.

    Please take these words for what they are, my care for you even though I don't know you. I see the hurt and anger (which usually comes from pain) in your posts. I see you fighting so hard to control how this thing goes down and getting yourself worked up. Please take care of yourself first, and your wife.


  • Freesoul


    If in the end you have to meet with them, take a video of the highlights of Geoffrey Jacksons testimony under oath at the Royal Commission.

    1 He said it was presumptuous to think the GB were the only spoke person for Jehovah.

    2 This is not a captive religion, member are allowed to become inactive.

    Straight from their master's mouth, it is now on video. It is refutable.

  • kairos

    Thanks for the encouragement.

    It's interesting, the written vs spoken word.

    For example, just reading the transcript of the ARC conveys a very different understanding compared to listening to the people speak with inflections and what-not. ( pauses, stutters, facial expressions, etc )

    Good observations. I am mad. I now have the courage to stand up for what is right for ME and MY WIFE.

    I'm a fairly even keeled fellow. Don't get overly excited about much and anger is very rare. As mentioned prior, my wife's relatives have never seen me mad before, so me with both my apostate barrel firing was probably pretty scary. So be it, I have emotions, too!!

    I hope sharing this experience, the way I have handled this small portion of my life along with it's successes and mistakes, will help someone in a similar situation. At least show that standing up for yourself by your own rules is possible. And empowering.

    Any speculation on what will happen next?

  • SnakesInTheTower

    "Next"? LOL, ummm they will report back to the COBOE and he will call the CO, the CO will call Service Dept. and/or Legal at WT Corp. If Legal Dept. opinion prevails, the local elders will be told to back off because of the cops. Service Dept. will advise a "Marking Talk" be given as a Local Needs part, and your family will be persona non grata, but no DF. Some will shun, some won't. You want a clean break? DA letter and/or move. Or, do as I did, several well placed implied threats and gossip spread the word... and the locals don't bother ol' eccentric Brother Snakes. LOL

    Snakes (Rich)

  • RedPillPopper
    With the threat of legal action coming directly from the Deputy I'm thinking the Legal Dept. will tell them to back off.
  • kairos

    Anyone can be successful in exiting a cult.

    My situation is not like everyone's, obviously.
    I, after paying close attention to the way JWs are treating me, have been led to accept that these are not people I need to salvage any type of relationship with.

    This topic has morphed into a real time story of my JW life.The chapter is not yet closed, so follow along if you are inclined to do so.

    I'll share my next letter with anyone that would care to read it.
    Very likely a copy will be e-mailed to the previous COBE from my congregation that is the youngest of a horribly dysfunctional family of Napa JWs. I'll ask him to distribute the letter amongst the Napa BOE himself, so as to avoid an embarrassing scene at the KH where Officer Fisher potentially serves each elder as they enter the KH...

    The previous COBE, whom I will "counting on", pioneered and I supported him for years in the field before he was an elder. He was accepted to bethel and claimed to have 'access' to the GB on some late night security assignments, whatever that means.

    He came home a Bethel appointed elder and was almost immediately made the COBE in his mid-thirties.

    He's back at Bethel as we squeak!
    His father-in-law is a "well known Bethel lawyer". ( MM )

    So if I deliver the goods to him, it might just trickle down!!

  • kairos

    It's a high powered "Cease and Desist" letter.

    Let's lighten things up a bit shall we, and brainstorm some both positive a ridiculous ways to serve the letter to the BOE?

    Remember the assembly soliloquies? ( dumb )

    "The wrong way to witness/be a witness and now the correct way to protect against saddening our god"...

    So I'm looking for both the wrong and right ways to deliver the goods.
    ( please make the funny )
    I'm exhausted and could really use a good laugh!
    Are you with me?

    I'll post what method I eventually use and "how it turned out".

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