Is "unconditional love" a myth??

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  • JamesThomas

    Unconditional love, is not experienced within the human paradigm.

    Unconditional, has no restrictions or boundaries; the human mind can't encompass that. Everything within thought, in order to fit in there, must be circumscribed.

    This does not mean that unconditional love does not exist, it just means it is not conscious as long as there is total adherence to the minds interpretations and ideas of what is real and true.

    For unconditional love to be realized, all conditions, all mind generated "reality", must be seen through. The fragmentation which separates us must melt away; an impossible task, unless, unless truth and actuality is in reality -- a uniting Oneness; and not at all what the mind construes.

    Is our real and true Identity the same? Is the consciousness which sparkles from your friends eyes and those you call "your own" -- the same? Is the inner most and closest intimacy -- One? Rather than fragmented -- Whole?

    Perhaps unconditional love can indeed be lived when it is clearly seen that there is no "other" to hate or judge.

    Who is willing to question? Who is willing to seek deep within and see? Who/what, am I, really?


  • hillary_step


    Who is willing to question? Who is willing to seek deep within and see? Who/what, am I, really?

    Can this be done with Scotch? If so, I will give it a try.

    Best regards - HS

  • jeanniebeanz

    Although the heart tells me that there is nothing that my children could ever do that would make me not love them anymore, my mind knows that not to be true.

    It would take an extreme act of evil on the part of one of them for me to cross that bridge, but I know there would have to be a limit.

    Until that time I will say that I believe in unconditional love toward my children, and hope that I never have to make that decision.

    (Blinders please...)


  • JamesThomas


    It would have to be at least a 17 year or better.


  • Tigerman

    There is nothing anyone that I love can do to me that would make me stop loving them.

  • SixofNine

    Whaaaaah! Bikerchic doesn't love me unconditionally!

  • toreador

    James that was deep!

  • JamesThomas

    Dear Toreador,

    Everything I say is b.s..

    However, what is being pointed to is beyond the reach of the mind. So "deep", is an understatement.

    YET, the reality is, the beauty is, is that what the words "unconditional love" point to is closest of close; and IS what you -- TRULY are.

    It seems though, that it takes a surrender of the mental; a willingness to be nakedly conscious of what is deeper than thought.

    It's not deep Toreador; it is what you are; it's as deep as air; as deep as THAT which is reading this; only seemingly deep, until IT is seen as what is seeing.

    Not meaning to sound like a zen-nut cake. Just don't know how to express class.

  • new boy
    new boy

    There is one that loves "unconditionally' that is GOD----------------- and mothers!!!! most mothers mothers love their childern no MATTER what---------------Thats why Mothers an God

  • bikerchic
    Whaaaaah! Bikerchic doesn't love me unconditionally!

    *Thwacks sixy*

    You said it not quit yer cussin boy!

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