I was born in Georgia (USA) and attended university in Ohio. However, restless and bored, I soon dropped out, opting for a 'real world' education. My work took me to the northern, midwestern, and southern portions of the United States. I have experienced first hand the WBTS methodology of member indoctrination and control. This realization unfolded for me when circumstances dictated I attempt to understand their "design for living". I never was a Witness but I have close family who got involved. I truly was at a lost as to what to do. Then, in the early eighties, I discovered an ex-Witness suppprt group and then everything changed for me. I met with them and made some instant friends. Then I discovered Randy Watter's Free Minds Journal, and subscribed to it, and once again found out that there were people everywhere whose families had been "touched" by the WBTS. I felt I had to do something, for me, for my loved ones. The end result is a novel titled, In The Truth. And my hope now is that, in it's own way, this book will act as an informative causeway over the far reaching waters of the authoritatively minded WBTS (not unlike Finn McCool's causeway which, according to legend, was built by the Irish giant so he may do battle with his enemy - and it stands today and is known as the Giant's Causeway . . . check it out.) If interested you may access the novel's review written by Randy Watters, Editor of Free Minds Journal, ( just Google Paul McCool )or go to any major bookstore on-line. Thank you all for taking the time to read my bio and may God's Love be with you. Paul McCool