Is "unconditional love" a myth??

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  • Terry
    Back to the thread at hand; what term do you feel might be more appropriate than "unconditional love", given that the circumstances of its use is in the vocabulary of ex-cult members, who have experienced the extreme end of "conditional love"?

    I tend to view most adjectives as a failure to achieve what the object of the modifier really is.

    LOVE has a spectrum of intensity just as light and sound both do.

    Some humans are capable of a much larger spectrum than others.

    A colorblindness or deafness in varying degrees affects their ability to demonstrate this.

    So, rather than saying "unconditional love" I'd just say LOVE and let the circumstances be the best indicator of how that love nickel is spent.

    Like the word STRONG. How strong is strong? Depends on the lifting power. Some people do the heavy lifting in a relationship, that is for sure.


  • LittleToe

    Terry:But how would you differentiate the "quality" of that love?
    Surely you agree that the kind of love that is expressed by JWs is often so bound by conditions that it's barely love at all?

    Would the "unconditional love" that we tout be better expressed as "condition-less love" (as opposed to "conditionless love")?

    Maybe the Greeks weren't too far off the mark, having several words for the concept.

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