Is "unconditional love" a myth??

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  • Odrade

    I guess when I see the term "unconditional love" it makes me think that it means "no matter what xxx person does, I will always love that person." I'm sorry, I don't believe it. I think that theoretically, there must be some line for every love that, once crossed, will make that love die, thus eliminating "unconditional."

    That's all I'm saying.


  • Brummie
    I'm sorry, I don't believe it. I think that theoretically, there must be some line for every love that, once crossed, will make that love die, thus eliminating "unconditional."

    But you still love the person, even though what they did was so bad, therefore it wasnt on condition in the first place, otherwise you would have stopped loving them when they did the bad thing.

    See what I mean..


  • Odrade

    No brummie, that's not what I mean at all. I believe that for every individual there is a line, a boundary, somewhere, that when crossed, will make you stop having love for that person. If there is something, anything, that will stop love for a person, then the love is not boundless, limitless, absolute, without restriction and unconditional.

  • Brummie

    Oh yes, I misunderstood.

    I have a brother who has done some pretty bad things to upset my family and I but in no way has this stopped me caring for his well being or caring about him. I cant imagine ever giving up on him or not being concerned as to his wellfare. I still dread now that one day he will do something stupid that will cost him his life. Other people would have given up on him all together but his family wont regardless of the dirty stokes he has pulled on us all. I guess I am defining unconditional love in a unbreakable bond type of way.


  • Odrade

    yes, I guess it depends on whether you can separate the "bad thing" from the person and continue loving the person. I think for most things I could, giving myself the illusion of "unconditional love." But when I really look at it, I see that there are some things that I could not separate the act from the person, therefore, I would definitely quit loving the person. So even though for most people I would never hit that boundary, for me to love "unconditionally" is an illusion, because I do have a limit somewhere.

    Some people may have more capacity for separating the person from the act than I do. Maybe there is no way any mortal being could ever hit their limits to make them stop loving, but I would say this is the exception that proves the rule. (that is the myth of unconditional love.)

    Of course that's just my somewhat jaded opinion.<---------jade. LMAO!

  • darkuncle29

    I like the way Odrade expressed her idea "having a limit". I think of love or unconditional love from a mathematical model: orders and higher orders. If love is infinity, then unconditional love might be thought of as a "higher order infinity". [[I'm a bit bummed out because alot of my memory has been lost over the past five or so years, and I can barely speak about math or physics--I've lost the vocabulary]]

    Anyway, back to Odrade's idea of limits....maybe not, I forgot my thought. I can see how you--Brummie--would realate about your brother; you love him even thought he has made bad choices. And for the time being, your refernce point can not see a point where you would not still care for him.

  • SixofNine

    One of the problems that this type of discussion always runs into is that there is not really any definition for the word "love", or rather there are too many definitions to have a reasonable discussion w/o choosing one specific definition.

    Then start playing fast and loose with "unconditional" and before you know it, people, people who need people, are at each other's throats. All because some asshole wanted to prove what a loveydovey [edit] he was. Pussy!

  • Satanus

    I doubt if there is unconditional love. For it to exist, it would mean that the lover loved everyone on the planet. Think about it.

    Brummie, your love for your brother and family is based on the condition that they are your brother and family. Of course, that condition cannot be changed. So, you may love them until the end.


  • Odrade

    Bwahahahahaha! Satanus, I don't know why that cracked me up, but it did. I can just see you sitting at the computer screen going "nyah nyah nyah, I gotcha, YAY!"

  • hillary_step

    Brummie asked : Is there such a thing as unconditional love?

    This is the definition of unconditional love as hosted by an online dictionary :

    1 entry found for unconditional love.
    Main Entry: unconditional love
    Part of Speech: noun
    Definition: affection with no limits or conditions; complete love

    Earlier I asked this question and wonder if any who do believe that there is such a thing as unconditional love, even within the family, might answer it.

    So all of the people who believe that there is such a thing as unconditional love, would love their families even if they were JW's who molested children and were brazen in their crimes?

    Would you love your father ( unconditionally ) if he sodomized you when you were seven and murdered your sister as happened in Europe recently. He was part of someones family? You would place no conditions on your love for them?

    Best regards - HS

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