Is "unconditional love" a myth??

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  • Robdar
    zen-nut cake.

    Zen nut cakes taste rather nice with afternoon tea.

  • JamesThomas

    and a good scotch.

  • Robdar

    perhaps romantic love is conditional? I believe it is. I also think that it's nature's (evolution) way and proper.

  • Robdar

    You know, I haven't had a good scotch in years

  • Robdar

    I have had some very primo weed though. Amsterdam rocks!

    Hi Brummie!

    Love whom you wish as unconditionally as you want. Don't mind the other cats.

  • Brummie

    Ok, it was interesting to get others perspectives. If unconditional "love" is being interpreted as a "loveydovey" feeling, then thats not what I'm talking about, surely "loveydovey" is superficial and never unconditional. I dont have "loveydovey" feelings exept when I'm eating my fav food. I always interpret "loveydovey" as being a soppy kind.

    I was interpreting it in the way that a lot of others have done. eyegirl and others pretty much summed it up. Its just a bond thats always gonna be there even if its not being shown or recieved. For instance, we can love someone that has died, the bond remains even though they are no longer around. The situation has changed but the bond hasnt.

    Anyway thanks

    Hi Robyn x x x Good to see you.

  • ShadowX

    I cant imagine not loving my kids/brothers/sister/mother etc. Regardless of their actions there would always be a "forgiveness" and the will to stand by them. I do not believe love is a "mushy" feeling

    Agree completely

  • SixofNine

    Well you coldhearted mancat! Your "bonds" aren't "mushy" or "loveydovey"???? Just run-of-the-mill, everyday, garden variety, lifelong-lasting "bonds"? What, do you have icewater in your veins? ;-)

    Oh sir, when you love enough to have true mush, then you'll know what love is. Until then, you're just being dramatic. :P~

    James Thomas, tell him about the mush, wouldya!?

  • doogie


    I doubt if there is unconditional love. For it to exist, it would mean that the lover loved everyone on the planet. Think about it.

    Brummie, your love for your brother and family is based on the condition that they are your brother and family. Of course, that condition cannot be changed. So, you may love them until the end.

    that's exactly what i was thinking reading this thread. a mother's love for her children is conditional on the kid being her child. for that matter, the love that we have for anyone is conditional on them being a human...existing. all love hangs upon a HUGE framework of conditions. what if our "unconditionally" loved one existed 2000 years ago. do we still love them? like O said, only if you're broken upstairs.

  • Satanus

    Hey six

    If somebody took the drug that made them mushy towards everyone, would they temporarily unconditionally love everyone? Maybe they could have one day where the whole world takes ecxtacy. Instant world peace


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