Name Things You Can Get Counseled,Reproved or Disfellowshipped For

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  • POs Son
    POs Son


    How dare you wear a tee shirt on a construction site. Don't you know you have to dress up to eat at the No-Frills Kitchen?

    POs Son

  • EvilForce

    Ah benny,

    And God saith thou shalt stack your wood in piles numbering two cubits by three cubits...

    Furthermore, do not allow your wood to intermingle. If an aspen log touches an oak log, it should be washed throughly and be considered unclean until evening.

    WTF... you can't be serious about that? I think I would have shown him how I stack wood by squatting on his car hood and leaving my own "log" there.

  • EvilForce

    PO's Son....

    Is that short for Presiding overseer's son

    Or Piece of Shite Son?

    So what were you supposed to wear if not a t-shirt? I'd would have gone 1/2 nekkid.

  • Honesty

    Telling the elders that the Governing Body is NOt the FDS.

  • bennyk

    Yeah - even if you're supposed to be a member of the F&DS.

  • love11

    My best friend and I would always sit next to each other for field service meetings and they would purposely seperate us into different groups so that we wouldn't have any fun.

    Maybe that mail box we knocked over showed that we were too worldly?

  • Frog

    Izy cool quoted his ex-wife & said ""Don't bother me - go talk to my head. He's right over there."...that is brilliant! god if only I had of being so quitted witted in the day:-(

  • Krystal

    Referring to being disfellowshipped as being "DF'ed" or calling elders "E's"

    Bacisally shortening anything...

  • minimus

    You get df'd for smoking. Clearly, that's not in the Bible. Disassociating yourself because you took the wrong fraction of blood isn't scriptural, either.

  • tijkmo

    not wearing a white t-shirt for baptizing....still wore a tshirt..just wasnt white....oh and neither did john the baptist.....

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