Name Things You Can Get Counseled,Reproved or Disfellowshipped For

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  • Oroborus21

    Bronzefist did you get to the part about the Man behind the Curtain and make any proper application in your talk?


  • jwbot

    lilbit: I was an elders daughter and I got counsiled all the time...for a lot of the same reasons. my nail polish was too colorful, wearing flip flops, wearing too much black, having too short hair, having blong streaks in my hair, wearing a slit in my skirt (seems those are really looked down on in my parents cong.), having nice clothes, wearing a tight necklace (or choker), having a chain on my pants, wearing baggy clothes, wearing tight clothes, wanting a 2-door car. etc. etc. etc.

    Now, it seemed that because my dad was an elder, a well-liked elder, other older men were comfortable with just telling me their opinion about how a dressed/looked/acted. I was too opinionated for a female to tell them (in a nice way) to leave me alone. I was just ALWAYS getting other elders, MS's and my father. Luckily my father felt there was no hope for me :)

  • lilbit

    JWbot wow Im amazed the elders kids in my hall skated for everything they were the "Untouchables"

  • Dragonlady76
    Luckily my father felt there was no hope for me :)

    Same here. But I did still have to suffer through many years of being counseled, the worst for me personally was being told that I was to opinionated and that such behavior was unlady -like.


  • bennyk

    My wife was counseled for having become pregnant (probably something in the semen...) even though it was the result of marital sex (!)

    I was counseled for having an "untidy" woodpile (!)

    My wife was shunned by a number of "sisters" and two Elders for "covering" during prayers at the KH (and she was informed that the 1964 WT articles re: said "covering" were "Old Light" (!)

  • minimus

    I knew of 2 disfellowshipped persons that were counseled by the elders to NOT sit together or else they would not be elligible for reinstatement!

  • EvilForce

    "Untidy woodpile" is that code for masterbation?

    What is "covering"???

  • hopelesslystained
  • minimus

    wearing a tee shirt at a building project

  • bennyk


    An "untidy" woodpile means a pile of wood which is not piled in a manner consistent with the GB/WTS standard for the piling of wood (!) [In the past, we used firewood to heat our home.]

    "Covering" refers to the wearing of a piece of cloth on the head during a prayer or when prophesying (1 Cor. 11:4-6). [Apparently, the unsubmissive wives in the Cong disliked being confronted with an example of a wife who was submissive; God alone knows what the Elders may have found disturbing about the whole business - perhaps it was because it was found in the Bible (?)]

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