Name Things You Can Get Counseled,Reproved or Disfellowshipped For

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  • minimus

    Since the JW religion is sooooo restrictive, it is good to think about just how wacky this cult is.....For example, you can get counseled for buying a 2 door car as opposed to a "pioneer" car (4 door).

  • Mary

    Minimus, wouldn't it be easier to name the things that you CAN'T get reproved or DF'd for? Basically, that'd be:

    Going out in Service

    Going to the Meetings

    Everything else you do in life is a potential for getting counselled, marked, reproved or DF'd..........

  • minimus

    MARY, you can get counseled in service and at the meetings if you are percieved to not be doing your utmost.


    You can be counseled for getting married too young. Funny how there are questions and/or concerns when say for example an 18 or 19 yr old couple dates and wants to get married. Yet when an 11 or 12 yr old wants to get baptized (supposedly "the most important decision of your life" more so than marriage), people celebrate! What is that about??!?!

    Can be looked down upon for wife or you not pioneering if you both work and have no kids to support.

  • littlerockguy

    you can get pulled into a room with a couple of elders for not wearing a tie or being seen anywhere alone with a member of the opposite sex (very paranoid if you ask me), seeking a higher education (at least when I went; elders are probably sending their kids to college now since they probably dont want to or cant support them since most JWs getting close to the retirement age probably do not have retirement plans to live off of as well as health insurance, etc.

  • iiz2cool

    I was counselled for biting my nails. Apparently it's demonic to be enslaved to any habit!

    I was also counselled for wearing bright ties, driving a 2 seater van for work, being overweight, joining a gym to lose weight, having financial problems when I was out of work, being materialistic when I inheirited my dad's house, going to school to retrain rather than living on a disability, working overtime to pay off debts accumulated during my retraining period, having an unsubmissive wife, wearing tinted prescription glasses, having a moustache, wearing a t shirt in public, owning a motorcycle, wearing a leather jacket on the motorcycle, not smiling enough at the kingdom hall, not commenting enough, not underlining my watchtower, having red eyes due to a sleep disorder. I'm sure I could come up with more if I thought about it long enough.

    But the elders had no objection when I accepted employment with a political party.


  • JH

    How about a Red 2 door car, with mags wheels...

  • clementine

    well iiz2cool!!! i've just stopped biting my nails... but i didn't know that was satanic!!! ;-)) i think that if i were a JW, i would be counselled very often!!

  • Oroborus21

    Actually you can get counseled for going out in Service if 1) you go out with a group that is not your assigned group 2) go out or partner with the same person over and over again, 3) make your own field service arrangements instead of cooperating with the leadership or 4) fail or reject the recordkeeping requirements

    Similarly, you could get counseled for going to meetings: 1) unprepared, 2) dressed inappopriately (happens all the time!) 3) while intoxicated 4) going to the WRONG meeting or "visiting" another congregation too frequently, 5) sitting where you ought not - the last real meeting I went to I was told that since I had a small baby I should sit in back. (Personally, I don't think they liked the idea of a happy family of a disfellowshipped person sitting up in front of the hall and serving as a reminder throughout the meeting that there is "happy life" on the outside.)

    just thought I should add my two cents,


    PS: the fact is that one could get counseled for anything and "punished" for many. I know we live in a culture and society that seems to assert that each person should do whatever they want and screw anyone else's opinion or how our conduct might affect others, but such a view is not truly Christian. Some counsel on some things is GOOD COUNSEL, especially when it is really looking out for the well-being of others.

    Other "counsel" on things like the 2-door car thing is just nonsense and unfortunate because it takes away from the giving and following of good counsel.

  • franklin J
    franklin J

    talking to, or being seen with Minimus.....

    ...guess they got me

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