WTS Official Spin on monthly Awake: 'More emphasis on the Bible!'

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  • rebel8

    More pathetic propaganda. I hope this change decreases their membership.

    I give you all a lot of credit for being able to read the publications. I get the heebie-jeebies when I even look at the logo.

  • metatron

    I say the motive for this is money - that they're still losing contributions relative to the Awake's distribution - and it

    needs to go. This initial step won't save much but it gets the organization prepared for the shock of dumping it all together.

    As for more emphasis on the Bible, I say bring it on!

    Witnesses are grossly unprepared for any real discussion of their beliefs as shown by the breathtaking lack of response

    by the Watchtower to the explicit disproof of all of their doctrines on the internet. Get them 'off script' and they're defeated.


  • Sunspot

    I wonder if focusing more emphasis on the bible will be readily accepted by those on mag routes?

    Many times I was able to push-I mean place-the Awake rather than the WT just *because* it wasn't as "religious". People would take them just to placate us and didn't have the slightest interest in the WTS or reading about it!

    Yup, in a round-about way, this may be a good move!


  • Nosferatu

    The WTS has probably realized that the Awake! magazine is the one that is the publication that is the least read by the dubs (besides the Yearbook). It's a great place to cut a corner since those magazines just sit on the shelf of the average JWs bookshelf.

    The calendar will be the next to go (again)

  • minimus

    If they REALLY wanted to get more biblical, why not keep things semi-monthly? Why make it just once a month? Like Met says, it's all about money'.

  • steve2
    I wonder if they have thought about the effect this move will have on that old barometer of how good the Rank and File are in field service; 'return visits'.

    It naturally follows that return visits just to deliver the magazines may now be less frequent. (I remember my magazine route - whoa what memories!) Surely if the Awake! is published less often, magazines will be delivered less often.

    How can something that is to officially occur less frequently serve as an example of maintaining the present level of activity or even of increasing that activity?

  • steve2

    If they really wanted to put more emphasis on the Bible why not ditch the magazines altogether and print more Bibles for distribution? Duh!

  • 95stormfront
    If they really wanted to put more emphasis on the Bible why not ditch the magazines altogether and print more Bibles for distribution?

    If they did that they'd lose their primary way of spreading their prophaganda. No WT magazines to "study" and take "lessons" from.

  • observador

    A scan of the Mar/05 KM in Portuguese can now be found here:



  • eyeslice

    Another thought - have the WTBTS recently upgraded the printing presses to print 90,000 copies of the magazines per hour or something? So the reason for the reduction to once a month has got nothing to do with printing capacity. Perhaps they have just ran out of ideas for what to write?

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