WTS Official Spin on monthly Awake: 'More emphasis on the Bible!'

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  • Neo

    The gloom-and-doom wacky online prophet "e-watchman" finally got one of his oracles right. He criticized the Awake's present format in a September 2004 article on his site. Although we disagree with his loony theories, I can say that his comments this time were right on the money. Here's the article:

    How to train your dog is the topic of an article in the September 8 th , 2004, Awake magazine. Among other things, such as how to get your dog to sit and stay, the article offers practical advice on how to housebreak a puppy. The Awake even presents its readers with a cleaning tip in case of an "accident." No doubt many readers might find such information timely and helpful; the question, though, is why? Yes, why does a magazine that is supposedly dedicated to "building confidence in the Creator's promise of a peaceful new world" bother publishing such irrelevant trivia?

    To be sure, the "doggy training" article is merely typical of the kind of non-spiritual fluff the Awake routinely publishes. For example, the same issue of Awake also has a two-page article on Japanese natto?described as stringy fermented soybeans. This week, the Watchtower's website features a four-year old article on flight simulators. It is an indisputable fact that the Awake Magazine is predominantly focused on mundane, non-biblical matters, and only occasionally, off-handedly, even refers to the Bible.

    The Awake Magazine is presently published, either monthly or semi-monthly, in over 60 languages with a circulation of around 20 million copies. Such an astounding circulation no doubt represents a substantial cost of many millions of dollars per issue. Not only that, but many hundreds of volunteer workers are employed at numerous Bethel printing facilities around the world in order to make the Awake available. And lastly, six million of Jehovah's Witness publishers use their personal resources to distribute the Watchtower and Awake magazines to the reading public.

    It is not that the Awake Magazine is not well-written and informative. It is. And no doubt many people enjoy reading it. The question, though, is why should millions of ministers dedicated to the cause of announcing to the world Jehovah's incoming kingdom publish anything that detracts from that all-important message? Should Jehovah's Witnesses even call themselves true ministers of God and Christ when a large part of our ministry revolves around disseminating information that has nothing whatsoever to do with Bible education?

    Why should those who are serving as the light of the world concern themselves with enlightening others about such mundane things of the world?

    To put things in perspective, can you imagine the apostle Paul expending himself in God's service, even risking his life to preach to people about anything other than Christ? Paul was no doubt a learned man, yet he consciously decided not to know anything else in his ministry other than Christ-impaled. If Paul or the apostles were alive today they would probably be very impressed by our modern methods of printing and distribution, but it is inconceivable that they would degrade their own ministry by publishing pamphlets with information such as how to train your dog.

    The Awake Magazine presumably even derives its name from the apostle Paul's various exhortations to awaken from spiritual slumber, but does it really serve that purpose? Perhaps initially it did, but there is little evidence that it serves that purpose now.

    Moreover, the Watchtower Society resolutely believes that Christ Jesus began ruling the world in 1914 and that since then Jehovah's Witnesses have been instrumental in announcing God's judgments upon Christendom. Jehovah's Witnesses even believe that the angelic trumpeters of Revelation have used the Awake Magazine's predecessor, the now-defunct Golden Age, to herald God's irreversible condemnatory judgment upon the world. But, how reasonable is that? If the most significant event in the history of the world commenced nearly a century ago in 1914, and supposing the early Bible Students were indeed conduits for issuing Jehovah's fiery proclamations, particularly in the interval from 1922-1928, why is it that now Jehovah's Witnesses no longer denounce Christendom as formerly?

    Are we absolutely certain that the angels have already hurled the incense vessel full of the fires of God's judgments down upon the earth? Clearly, something is not right with our present interpretation of Revelation?as well as all other biblical prophecies. The Watchtower has obviously vastly diminished the significance of Christ's actual presence in kingdom power.

    The 110 th Psalm speaks of exciting developments in connection with Messiah's kingdom, where we read: "Your people will offer themselves willingly in the day of your military force." Here is something to consider: If 1914 marked the year of the beginning of Jesus Christ's "military force," then why does the glorious king allow his servants to detract from his campaign by publishing Reader's Digest-like pap such as is found in the Awake Magazine?

    If billions of lives hang in the balance based upon our reaching them with the message that Christ began ruling in 1914, our publishing anything other than that vital truth is unconscionable.

    Surely, when the kingdom actually comes to power and Satan is hurled down from heaven for the final winner-takes-all showdown, Jesus' volunteer army of ministers will not be involved in educating the public how to train their dogs.

  • Neo

    This is ezekiel3's excellent post about the impact that the Awake change will likely make:

    Considering the impending change to a monthly Awake! with less fluff and more "focus on the Bible," I was moved to reveal the incredible loss regular readers will soon feel:


    g03 3/22 p. 30 From Our Readers ***


    I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for the article "Do You Worry About Your Hair?" (August 8, 2002) I am 36 years old, and for some time I have been worrying about slight hair loss and the thinning of my hair. The article helped me to understand that losing some hair every day is natural. Now I feel much more at peace. Do not stop publishing articles like this one!


    g02 8/22 p. 30 From Our Readers ***

    We especially appreciate the thoughts of people who personally experienced what happened. The statements of survivors brought tears to our eyes. We ask Jehovah to help all who are afflicted and pray that by means of Awake! they might find consolation. Being young, we are encouraged by the questions that cause us to reflect on our way of life and on our priorities. Our wish is that you never stop publishing this magazine.


    g99 5/22 p. 30 From Our Readers ***


    I really appreciated the suggestions in the "Watching the World" item "Children?s Nightmares Common." (September 8, 1998) My children have nightmares, but I?ve always told them not to talk about them but simply to go back to sleep. Now, with the suggestions given, I can better cope with this problem. Please do not stop publishing such helpful information.

    *** g95 8/8 p. 30 From Our Readers ***

    Burnout These were extraordinary articles for me because I finally recognized my problem. I am a wife, the mother of four children, and have a lot to do. Sadly, I get little appreciation from my family. I feel better knowing that this is a common problem among sensitive people. Never stop publishing articles like these!

    *** g02 1/8 p. 30 From Our Readers ***

    Safari I am 13 years old, and I really enjoyed reading the article "On Safari in Ghana." (May 8, 2001) I love reading about animals. Please do not stop printing the magazines!

    *** g96 3/22 p. 30 From Our Readers ***

    Like Doris, who was quoted in the article, I felt unworthy of being God?s friend. I thank Jehovah for providing me with this assistance. It has helped me to understand that if I repent of my bad actions, he is willing to forgive me and be my Friend. I hope you never stop printing these articles for the youths.

    *** g82 4/22 p. 28 From Our Readers ***

    Robots I am 11 years old and I really liked that article about the robots. I like robots so I decided to read it. I just want you to know that even 11-year-olds like the magazines you print. Please never stop printing those magazines.

  • Neo

    The JWs have an incredible ability to put in their minds a positive spin on negative news about the org so that they avoid the discomfiture caused by the cognitive dissonance.

    I recently told a Witness that the Society was downsizing. And then I told her the news that the Awake is going monthly. She still hadn't heard of it and her reaction was priceless! Right after I finished the sentence she said with an agressive tone of voice: "Yes! I think that's good!! Now people won't have an excuse to say that they don't have time to read the magazines!!" Her face showed a kind of judgemental attitude, revealing her insatisfaction with the fact that her brothers and sisters cannot manage reading all the magazines. It's impressive how Witnesses train their minds to avoid admitting anything negative about the WT leadership.

    Here's another dub reaction on the Awake moving to monthly publishing:

    What a marvelous change and blessing for Jehovah's people and those still seeking a relationship with Jehovah. I personally have had a difficult time keeping up with my reading as it is. This could make the Awake more like a brochere that focus on currect topic's and events that affect the world.
    It also makes us more flexible

    This is great news.

    This comment in found in the Touchstone Forum, where a number of active JWs post. Read this and other comments in the following thread:



  • IP_SEC

    I could not contain my glee when the kms were passed out sunday. You know this is a win/win for the wbts. People are going to place nearly as many awakes in the formal ministry and half as many on the magazine route RVs.

    Id think the drop in awake placements, while noticable wont affect awake production much. People will still order as many awakes as watchtowers so they have mates to the watchtowers for door to door and still pay -- er donate for them.

    Even if they cut their awake orders, they will probably donate the same monthly amount to the wwwork. What you want to bet that we see an increase in km articles saying "set aside your donations on a monthly basis, the donations to the wwwork arent just to print liturature" Maybe even "ordering less awakes is no excuse in its self to donate less" 2 Corinthians 8:13-15.


  • JT


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  • JT

    "Admit it; if you are into astronomy and the Awake has an article on the Hubble Space Telescope, would you read it? If you want to visit Prague, and they have an article on Prague, would you read it? If you've been thinking about repainting your living room, and the Awake has an article on painting, would you read it? Now, who here wonders about Meshibosheth on the plains of Moab and how that factors into our day? Who wants to read an article on Oholiab's journey to Kiriath-jearim and how we should follow in his footsteps?"


    U-R- A- FOOL!!! -smile

    it is meant in a good way,-- i love it, --this post is so true and so good, i could help but laugh as i thought of all the presentations that conductors put together based on the awake due to the wt being so deep and mind numbing

    your post is great, in fact i just emailed some of my buddies, they will love it cause it is so true

    like like that part "Admit it"

  • willyloman
    The gloom-and-doom wacky online prophet "e-watchman" finally got one of his oracles right. He criticized the Awake's present format in a September 2004 article on his site. Although we disagree with his loony theories, I can say that his comments this time were right on the money.

    His essay was priceless; thanks for sharing.

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