WTS Official Spin on monthly Awake: 'More emphasis on the Bible!'

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  • Sunspot

    ** Perhaps they have just ran out of ideas for what to write?

    If ONLY that were true! Unfortunately, they are ALWAYS full of ideas.

    Bad ones.


  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Hi y'all!!!

    All major corporations have downsized. It was about time the WTBTS did its downsizing!

    I look forward to the time when the Watchtower magazine also would be published just once per month.

    This is such good news!!!


  • rebel8
    Unfortunately, they are ALWAYS full of ideas. Bad ones.

    So true!

    Didn't you find the mags to be the same stuff, rehashed over and over, like yesterday's leftover meatloaf? I used to think everyone else was so strange when they'd get all excited about a "new" thing coming out in a publication or assembly, only to find out that, every time, it was the same as stuff they've already published. I would ask people what was so different about it, and even showed them previous publications that had the same thing in them, only to be looked at like I had 3 heads. They would claim there was some new "insight" in there, if I were only to look hard enough for it.

  • frankiespeakin

    The leaders of the WT must know that the shit they serve stinks and so why print it twice a month when it will save a ton of money to do it once a month. Perhaps in the next year or two they will suspend this companion of the WT. Either way it is plan to the WT leadership they are losing the flocks attention span for their bull shit.

  • Neo


    Your comments are spot on!

    I say the motive for this is money - that they're still losing contributions relative to the Awake's distribution - and it

    needs to go. This initial step won't save much but it gets the organization prepared for the shock of dumping it all together.

    Exactly! A huge decision like the monthly Awake was certainly made by taking into consideration a variety of reasons, like brain drain in Bethel, loss of creativity, lack of managing skills (it's a formidable task to print over 20 million copies per issue), lack of interest and the difficulty of keeping different teams of translators all over the world. But the chief reason is money. They are not selling like they used to - and they understand it's probably time for the Awake to go, but it can't be dumped in a single swoop, so they are setting the stage now for further change if the trend continues.

    As for more emphasis on the Bible, I say bring it on!

    Witnesses are grossly unprepared for any real discussion of their beliefs as shown by the breathtaking lack of response

    by the Watchtower to the explicit disproof of all of their doctrines on the internet. Get them 'off script' and they're defeated.

    The WT is incredibly ignorant about the Bible. Nowadays there's no egghead in the upper echelons that can write anything of substance. So, when they say they're gonna put "more emphasis" on the Bible, they simply mean they'll keep publishing the same ol stuff, like the last days, the world "getting worse" and WT recipes to solve "life's problems": meetings, meetings, meetings, field service, field service, field service and on and on.

    I second what you say. Come on, Watchtower, bring it on! It will only speed up your decay.


  • Neo


    Another thought - have the WTBTS recently upgraded the printing presses to print 90,000 copies of the magazines per hour or something? So the reason for the reduction to once a month has got nothing to do with printing capacity. Perhaps they have just ran out of ideas for what to write?

    The WT pushed the dubs in US into contributing for the new printing presses and the new Walkill building. (They don't have printing in Brooklyn anymore.) So the news will come as an anticlimax to the frustrated Witnesses who contributed their time, labour and hard-earned money to the "fast-growing work" done in Bethel.


  • M.J.

    Yeah, there's no "secular" info in the Awake mags that one cannot find on the internet, on cable documentaries, other magazines, etc. And it's in much better detail and less "dumbed-down" coming from these more authoritative sources. Perhaps this is so painfully obvious that the WTS is going to try and stick to its "core business" which is misinterpreting scripture.

  • Elsewhere

    So, does this mean that they will print twice as many of the one month issue?

  • frankiespeakin


    Good point! That will be interesting to see what they do.

  • undercover
    So, does this mean that they will print twice as many of the one month issue?

    Good point.

    Have you ever known a magazine to cut down circulation or quit when the readership was increasing or staying steady? To cut back to half what it was and change the format means trouble in WTland. They can't give up the WT, that's what they use to maintain control on the cult, er, followers. Cutting back the circulation of the bathroom reader and changing the format back to biblical material is definately a cost-cutting measure.

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