My daughter has a brain tumor :(

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  • Golf

    It's not good news to hear stories of this nature. I'm hoping that everything works out for the best.

  • gold_morning


    I haven't been on the board in a long time and for some reason this morning I decided to check it out and I found your post. First and foremost, know that you REALLY will be in my prayers.

    I sent you a messagein your box and left my e-mail address. I had a brain tumor in the year 2000 and did so much research. My outcome was just fine, but maybe I can encourage you and share some of my research with you.

    Lots of support and love!

    God Bless, Gold

  • outnfree

    You're all so wonderful, and it's so comforting to read your posts. THANK you!

    The doctor's never called yesterday, which was very frustrating as we were sitting by the phone all day (and even though I placed calls to them, it didn't help).

    Then, this morning, we had a bad snowstorm which prevented the neuroradiologist from getting into work so that our 3 PM appt. was cancelled. However, they just called moments ago and said to come in, he will perform a CT scan, and then we will all meet with the neurosurgeon down the hall. So that's the present status. Perhaps we'll know what type of brain tumor we're dealing with this afternoon.

    It certainly is an emotional roller coaster! I think we just want to KNOW and then take action -- like NOW!!!!

    Thanks, friends. Your support means a great deal to us.


  • morty

    Any news yet Brenda??

    When you get a minute to post some news, please do...I have prayed and prayed for you both today and yesterday....

    I also did not call yesterday because of keeping your phone lines opened.....

    Lots of Love,Michelle

  • seeitallclearlynow

    (((((Brenda))))) (((((Lena)))))

    Brenda, I hope the results of the CT scan were helpful! I know it's late now, but hopefully tomorrow you'll have some good news.

    Is Lena feeling any better? I'm very sorry for all this and send my warmest wishes for her recovery.

  • Jez

    Here's to a speedy recovery to your daughter.

    ((to you both))


  • Brummie
    like NOW!!!!


    Thinking of you today.


  • SheilaM

    I am so sorry

  • myself

    ((((((((((Brenda & Lena)))))))))

    We are praying that all goes well. The waiting is so frustrating. You want to stay busy, and yet you can't stay focused on anything you try to do. Hang in there. Lena, I hope you feel better very soon.


  • bebu

    ((((Brenda & Lena))))

    Glad to know you could keep an appointment even though it looked unlikely.

    We are all hoping and praying for good news!


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