My daughter has a brain tumor :(

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  • outnfree

    I am so terrified!

    #2 daughter came home from college on 12/18 with a violent headache, nausea, neck pain and great fatigue. We took her to the Dr. on the 20 and again on the 21st as she had kept nothing down for 3 days. (Meningitis was ruled out.) Well, the nausea and vomiting subsided somewhat in another 2 days, so we did not have to hospitalize her for IV fluids, but the headache remained, just not as severe, and she had dropped 15 pounds in 5 days!

    As some of you know, after Christmas, I travelled down to Texas, while the rest of my family went visiting in Connecticut and Colorado. When Lena got back home, she attended a party on New Year's Eve where a friend noticed that her face looked strange. Half of it was expressionless. She still had a dull, persistent headache and her neck still hurt.

    Fortunately, I had left Texas earlier than planned, so when I heard about the facial weakness via cell phone on Sunday, I was concerned. Jann and I drove straight through (thanks to Jann -- I was too exhausted!) and on Monday, our family doctor thought it might be Bell's Palsy brought on by the viral infection, but decided that Lena should have an MRI to rule out anything else in the brain that might be causing the facial weakness.

    Yesterday morning, Lena had the MRI, and the report was sent to our family doctor immediately. We got a call within about an hour that we should take the films and go directly to a neurosurgeon who was fitting us into his schedule. This is the doctor who did my back surgery several years back and who also saved the life of my former boss by diagnosing her quick-growing tumor when I dragged her in to see him. So I have a great deal of respect for and confidence in him.

    The neurosugeon thought the tumor a bit odd, because its density was not uniform throughout. He wants a neuroradiologist to look at it this morning before giving us a diagnosis. "I'll let the neuroradiologist make me look smart," said he. There are several possibilities as to the type of tumor, but it appears that surgery or irradiation with a Gamma knife are going to pretty much be the treatment options.

    We are still impatiently awaiting the call from the neurosurgeon's office, and we have an appointment with him for tomorrow at 3 PM EST, but for the moment, we are "shrekking" (as he put it) and I've had an almost sleepless night.

    I need some hugs.


  • cruzanheart

    (((((Brenda and daughter))))) Don't panic. My former boss' golddigger girlfriend had that happen to her -- it was a very sudden onset of symptoms -- and the doctors were able to remove the tumor by surgery with no problem and no malignancy. HOWEVER: While she went home from the hospital within a week, she had to be on heavy duty medication for about six months and NO driving during that time, and her short term memory was affected for a while. But she made a complete recovery and is exactly the same as she was before (which is a pity -- all who knew her hoped that it was the tumor that made her such a bitch, but no such luck).

    Keep us posted.



  • calamityjane


    Sorry to hear of this. Hopefully Nina is right about this and it can be dealt with and your daughter will have full recovery.

    Please do keep us posted.



  • Angharad

    (((((Brenda & daughter)))))

    Sorry to hear this. Wishing all the best for you both.

    Let us know how things go tomorrow

  • freedom96

    I am so sorry that your family is going through this.

    Best wishes to everyone involved.

  • blondie

    Oh, Brenda, how horrible for you and your daughter and your family.

    I know she is in the best hands with you at her side as her advocate.

    They have made amazing advances in this area....


    Irreverent and Blondie

  • kat2u

    My eldest daughter had a brain tumor when she was 6 years old.

    I know that the waiting and not knowing is very very difficult.

    My daughter had surgery and radiation and it has not come back.

    If i can be of any help please p.m. me.

  • outnfree

    Thanks, everyone! (I got a phone call from a dear reader, too!)

    I read Blondie's post about advocacy and decided to call our family doctor. I figure she has more pull to get the neurosurgeon to call us with his thoughts/Dx than I do (plus she had promised to phone us late this morning). Her office is paging her.

    Right now, I'm going to watch "My Best Friend's Wedding" with Lena to pass the time.

    I'll post more later.


  • nilfun

    (((((Brenda, Lena & Family))))))

  • outnfree
    If i can be of any help please p.m. me.

    Thanks, kat! I'm sure I'll be needing to do that soon.

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