All Secret Santa Paricipants sign in here please!

by Gadget 190 Replies latest jw friends

  • Nosferatu
    I just got back from the Post Office [edited]'s gift is all sent.

    Did you just give away your secret santa, or are you screwing with us?

  • Elsewhere

    *** Groan ***

    Please, no fruitcake... I'm still trying to digest the one I ate in my 1979 first grade class.

  • Scarlet

    No my husband is Random Task I mailed out the gift to his person for him today.

  • Sunnygal41

    Is it too late to get on the list?

  • unbeliever

    So do we have to wait until Christmas or can we open the pressie as soon as we get it?

  • mouthy

    No Scarlet your right.... No gift is too early.....

  • fifi

    Whoever gets to be my Secret Santa, I did say that I'm not fussy. However, Gadget said to post some ideas: Anything Christmassy. I love animals especially horses and cats. I like the outdoors, so any nice pictures/photos of landscapes etc. I enjoy reading, but have a lot of books to get through at the moment. Anything that gives a clue to the personality/interests/whereabouts of my secret Santa. I'm really not fussy.

    I hate fruitcakes.

    You shouldn't be so biased. I'm married to one.


  • morty

    Sorry this is late.....

    I love candles.( the fruity ones or baked goods, not the flower type smells) Imported MILK chocolate is always good as well.Anything to so with The Toronto Maple leafs is a good hit too, but good luck finding anything to do with them if you are out of Canada.( a little challange there for My favorite colours right now are soft pink, and navy blue.Orange County Choppers is my favorite show right now, so if you can finad anything to do with them outside of Canada would be awsome, as I cannot get it here without paying all these damn, import charges,exchange on the money and crossing the boarder fees....if it is a size you need, XL is safe...( I love it really big and baggy)....Ok, I think I have given you as much info as you need.....Can't wait for the to come......

  • Nosferatu


  • Mulan

    I love fruitcake, but only homemade. Store bought fruitcake is usually nasty. The kind I make is really, really good!!

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