All Secret Santa Paricipants sign in here please!

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  • anglise

    My pressie is on it's way to SOMEONE.


  • Dawn

    Sent my gift someone in California. (gee that really narrows it down doesn't it )

  • Thunder Rider
    Thunder Rider

    I still don't see that eveyone has said what they want???

    Me: I like coffee, chocolate especially good white chocolate, and motorcycles. I read fantasy and sci-fi.

    Sheila: Loves Rasberry stuff, candles, Bath and Body works etc. We do have a tree and she loves cute snowmen and snowflakes

  • Been there
    Been there

    I got my present today.

    Kat2u was my Secret Santa. It only took 3 days to get here. I got a beautiful card, a snowman ornament for my yet to go up tree. I got some homemade Bisscotti (never tried it before) and some gourmet coffee to have with it. I got a great rock (lava) from Mt. St. Helens, believe it or not that is very exciting to me. I was sad when Mt. Hood was the only mountain I got to see while visiting my son in Yakima, WA a couple years ago. I wasn't on the right side of the plane to even see Mt. St. Helens from the air.

    I also got a shiny green wrapped present that I may not open till Christmas, or at least until I can't stand the suspence any longer. I can wait....I can wait....I can wait..........

    Thank you so much Kat I love it all so far. My hubby thought I was goofy cause I was so excited when he said Merry Christmas HO-HO-HO you have a package.

    Thanks again to Gadget for all his hard work in getting this together again this year.or maybe by now you need something alittle harder

  • qwerty

    Got my gift today. My Secret Santa was Lazyslob, thanks Lazy! I love the little puzzle and I am dieing to open the main prezi. Go on can I? can I?..........Please!

    My Secret Santa gift was posted out today.



    Well...let's see. I finally got my Secret Santa name. Not sure who it is, but well...I'll figure something out.

    Me? I enjoy non-fiction books (used is OK).

    CDs: music, something unique, independent bands/artists. I tend to like rock, alternative, punk, compilations, that sort of thing. (used is OK)


  • lazyslob

    I am dieing to open the main prezi. Go on can I? can I?..........Please! Noooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • jwbot

    Ok I got the reply...sorry I have been gone. My next will see why.
    Anyway I got the message and I will be getting them a gift and sending it right away!!! I have not read through the thread, what is the $$ limit?

    Ok thanks!

    Oh and if someone is sending me a gift, some ideas:
    I like anything!
    but I mean...hmm... candles are nice and simple, I really don't know, I am easy to please. I will love whatever is sent to me. :)

    I need to add, I am on a diet! NO CANDY!!!

  • mouthy
    It IS the one with the pulsating action that squirts on demand

    Scratching my head trying to think what this could be??????Could you show me a picture please Eman!!!

  • Nosferatu

    I'll be shopping for my secret santa this weekend. I've been busy as hell, and money hasn't been to friendly to me.

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