An Apology Regarding "The Voice"...

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  • czarofmischief

    asia minor in the very famous biblical city of ephesus.

    Which I believe was founded by Greeks? correct me if I"m wrong, of course. And, erm , he did most of his work in Athens. So it may be that grecian culture, having both absorbed him and allowed him to flourish, makes him, more greek than the greeks, if you will...


  • toreador

    Shelby, how often do you hear these voices? Is it only after fasting for days or smoking controlled substances? I ask this in all seriousness. Something like this could very well be the cause of your hallucinations. If Jesus were to actually have spoken to you, I would think Socrates would not have been one of the major things he would be concerned with telling you at this point in the passing of time.

  • czarofmischief

    How do YOU know what Jesus would say? Has he spoken to YOU?

    I concur that Shelby is probably high or crazy, but at least Jesus ain't telling her to kill people, like Swaggart thinks he did...


  • gumby

    I'd like to correct anyone who pictures our shelby as being some doped up, hippy lookin, jesus actin looney bird. She actually looks more like a tazmanian devil...............just kiddin. I have spoken to shelby and so has others here and those that know her knows she's sane. She is a good mother, holds down a very stressful tough job, and has made it on her own as far as earthly help goes(had to throw that in for you shelb) You guys who have called her names better hope ol' Farkle don't read this thread or some is goin ta git an ass -chewin.

    Hugs Shelbmeister,


  • czarofmischief

    That, and if she told Sixof nine that he was going to hell... it's hard to argue... maybe Jesus DID talk to her after all!


  • AGuest

    Dearest GB... thanks for the "support"! I know some of the folks are quite new here, so it'll take 'em a minute to get to know me.

    Toreador, honey, I don't do drugs; don't drink hard liquor; don't mess with caffeine; don't even do sugar, per se. I'm an insulin diabetic (and my only "reaction" there is to break out every now and again from allergies), so I don't mess around much. A glass of wine/champagne with dinner now and again (the champagne seems a bit "easier" on my system), and beer, like, once every three months or... if its REAL hot... but other than that... I'm pretty "square."

    And CZAR... what a love. Thank YOU for your support... and please know that my Lord has NEVER told me to curse or condemn ANYONE. Quite the opposite: he has told me that as his disciple, I am CHARGED... with showing mercy: I MUST forgive and release... if I wish to BE forgiven and released. As a foremost sinner... well, you do the math.

    To all of you: I know of the "god" you been taught by religion; however, that is NOT the Most Holy One of Israel, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, whose name is JAH... of Armies. If you want to know the TRUE God... then you MUST first know His Son. If you want to know what the True God is LIKE... then look to that Son... the "copper serpent" that He held up for us to gaze at. Look at the recorded life of my Lord, JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH, and tell me where you find vengeance and hatred and exacting and retribution. You will not, for he was patient and loving and merciful. Since HE is the "image of the invisible God," and "the exact representation of His very being," since HE said that he did NOTHING of his own initiative but just as the Father taught HIM... he DID... you have no need to wonder what type of person God truly is.

    For my Lord came to bear witness to the TRUTH about God... which truth is born out in the words, "JAH, JAH, a God MERCIFUL... SLOW TO ANGER... and ABUNDANT in loving kindness..." which my Lord LIVED... rather than preached. His "form of godly devotion"... proved TRUE to its power.

    That you do not yet know him makes me sad. But I keep heart... for I know that the Father will NOT hide His Son from those earnestly seeking Him. If then you want to know God... then you MUST...


    And yes, that One DOES speak... openly and honestly... to all. The question is: are you LISTENING?

    Matthew 17:5; John 10:27

    For if you do not hear, then perhaps it is just as Logical said: you do not want to hear what is being SAID. For he will NOT start with showing you others... and NOT start with giving you revelations of long hidden things. He will start... with YOU: what's truly inside YOU - what YOU truly are! And for all of us, initially... it ain't pretty. And you know it; HEARING it... from another, however... is the thing... the HARD thing.

    You must first, then, let him help you extract the rafter from YOUR eye... so that when you are looking at anything else... you can actually SEE... without obstruction.

    I bid you all the greatest of peace!

    Your servant and a slave of Christ,


  • SixofNine

    LOL @ Czar!

    ...but Gumby, you know quite well that she is not sane, and you do her no favors by acting as if it's all just ok. It's not. She is delusional and a liar to her very core; notice the title to this very thread. No real apology to be found, just a way to get people to read her horse caca.

    That any exJW would give a pass to a liar who sodomizes the word "truth" in EXACTLY the same way the Governing Body sodomizes the word "truth" is a real mystery to me.

  • gumby
    That any exJW would give a pass to a liar who sodomizes the word "truth" in EXACTLY the same way the Governing Body sodomizes the word "truth" is a real mystery to me.

    Sixer.....I know where your coming from and understand what you mean.....but....I'm not too sure that those who feel god speaks to them personally are willful liars or decievers. If these ones REALLY believe what they speak......are they liars, are they hearing things that aren't really there, or what? I don't know. I do know that I know the difference between a truely psycotic nut case who cannot function in normal society, and someone who feels thay have a direct line to god yet is as others are in other avenues of life.

    ( I spelled psycotic wrong....didn't I ?) I wish I knew more on this subject.


  • Princess
    ( I spelled psycotic wrong....didn't I ?)


  • Dansk

    Hey Gumby, my dear friend,

    When I first realised that this may be all there is....then we die for good, it turned my world upsidedown.

    I can understand how that would throw anyone through a loop! Rest assured, however, that while our bodies perish our consciousness moves on. Read about Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi He was a truly inspiring character - a modern saint - whose life gives hope to all in fear of death. Believe me, he's helped me a lot and is STILL helping me!



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