An Apology Regarding "The Voice"...

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  • Farkel

    minimus enlightens us with its wisdom yet again:

    : Of course you can deal with wacky, Farkel.

    Brilliant, minimus. Just brilliant. You have a great career as a writer ahead of you. (As long as your stories and books are kept to two sentences or less.) Keep polishing your craft. It's a great path towards your greatness.


  • toreador

    Minimus, are you saying Farkel is WACKY?

    Noooo, you couldn't be.

  • minimus

    Wacky, repetitive and usually boring too, Toreador.

  • Realist


    perhaps you can convince her to see a psychiatrist...hearing voices often stems from schizophrenia.

  • AGuest

    May you have peace!

    May I sincerely ask you, how do you know the voice you hear is that of God?

    Of course, and I will reply sincerely: the voice I hear (well, most often)... is NOT that of God. It's quite close, but not exactly the same. Indeed, I have only heard the voice of the Father... four times now. The voice I hear that I refer to... is that of His SON... my Lord... JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH. And I know... with regard to both... whose voices they are... because I asked ("Who is this, please?"). And until one has had ones "ears" thoroughly "trained" by the Spirit, one should always ask... for "not all inspired expressions originate with God"!

    The Bible teaches that Satan can transform himself into an angel of light

    Indeed, he can... and does! However, while he can transform himself into an angel of light... he cannot transform himself into the Light! Since you mention the Bible, may I refer you to it? In all cases where bad daemons (spirits) were asked or confronted... did they not either reveal themselves, or submit to the command given them, even stating their name(s) when asked? They do so, dear one, because they must: unlike us, "treasure hidden in earthen vessels" who can HIDE what we are by means of our flesh and blood... they are spirits. And spirits cannot hide, unless it is in flesh. Thus, when spoken to directly by someone doing so through God's spirit as granted them by Christ, they MUST respond truthfully. For not to do so would be opposing God, through Christ. And they know it.

    and it also says we should not go beyond the things that are written.

    Indeed! But the "things" written where? Presumably... in the scriptures, yes? Where, then, in the scriptures does it say that Christ does NOT speak to us? Did not ALL of the faithful ones hear his voice? Indeed, is not our Lord recorded to have said of himself, "the sheep follow him... because THEY KNOW HIS VOICE"? Did he not say, "My sheep LISTEN TO MY VOICE, and I know them and they... follow me?" Is not the Father recorded to have said, "This is my Son, the beloved... LISTEN TO HIM"? Indeed, all of these things are true.

    The voice you hear has gone beyond the things that are written while it also claims to be a revealing light, a friend.

    First, I have to caution you, dear Sabrina, and please know that I do so with love... and holy spirit: to attribute to the spirit of God that of a bad spirit... is blasphemous. Please... take care.

    Now, then, I confess to you... openly and before all creation... that the voice I hear... is that of the True Light, the Fine Shepherd, the True Vine... Sprout!... the Holy One of Israel, whose name is JAHESHUA (Jah Saves; Salvation of JAH) MISCHAJAH ("Chosen/Anointed of JAH"), who was revealed to me by the MOST Holy One of Israel, whose name is JAH... of Armies. It is the voice of the One "who comes in the name of JAH," who was dead... but is ALIVE... and speaks to all those who have ears to hear what he, THE SPIRIT, says. Were I to attribute it to any other spirit... I would be guilty of blasphemy... against that Sprrit. I am sorry, but I cannot do that. Rather, I openly confess to you whose voice it is I hear... you who are most probably among those who believe demons can speak to us and do... but that God and Christ cannot... and thus, don't. Such thinking gives MORE power... and MORE glory... to Satan and his angels... than it does to the Most Holy One of Israel... and His Son. How can that BE??!!!

    I ask YOU: who do YOU think truly has more power? God? Or Satan? If, then, SATAN and HIS demons can communicate with us... and do... how is it that GOD... cannot... and does not? Did not the prophet say, "God, who long ago spoke on many occasions and in many ways to our forefathers by means of the prophets... has at the end of these days spoken to US... BY MEANS OF A SON?" I am sticking to what is "written", dear one... at least as far as the letters to the Hebrews states.

    But unfortunately, it may be you, dear Sabrina, who has been misled by the one who transforms himself into an angel of light... who has convinced you and so many others that HE can and does speak... but God does not. And how has he done this convincing? Through faithless earthling man... hard-headed... hard-hearted... stiff-necked earthling man... who has you believing that what is not true is true... and what is true... is not. That was is BAD... is good... and what is GOOD... is bad.

    That perhaps you do not have the FAITH to hear... when God, by means of His Son, speaks to YOU... through the spirit... is something I don't have the freedom to speak to.

    Does it speak consolingly to you?

    Yes, HE... does. When consolation is necessary. But I have found myself "happy" in him, so that consolation is not a large requirement for me, except when I "mourn" for Israel.

    Does it make you feel close to God?

    "Feel" close to God... hmmmm... well, yes, I guess you could say that... but not how you're thinking, I don't think. I feel close to God at ALL times... when my Lord speaks and when he doesn't... because God is not far off from ANY of us. I mean, He's right there... for you AND me. All we need do is "grope"... just reach out... and He's there. They're spirits, dear one. Although our flesh can separate us... but if we worship in spirit, through Christ, there is no separation... none at all. God, through Christ... dwells IN us. And I consider that pretty close.

    Does it sometimes puzzle you or make you feel hurt?

    (Smiling) No, my dear. Never. God, through Christ... is VERY clear: He is NOT a mystery. In fact, He is very simple, A-B-C. That's why we were admonished to become like little children." And that being the case, neither my Father nor my Lord would ever hurt a child. Did my Lord not show you that when he walked the earth in the flesh? Unfortunately, most of us are so caught up in being... well... "adults" aren't we?

    Has it ever caused you pain?

    (Smiling again, but I can't help it, so please forgive...) Again, no. Never. Not once. For any reason. Under any circumstance. I believe I've cause them some... ummmm... chagrin... but the WONDERFUL thing about them is that they love me still... in spite of it. They do not hold grudges (JAH does not keep account of the error, dear one), but forgive in a LARGE way. Their love is kind... and gentle... and tender... and never fails... exactly the kind of love we all hope to find in humans... but so often do not.

    But the wonderful thing is that I've been taught by them that rather than expect to RECEIVE such love... to exercise no restraint in SHOWING such love... no matter what it entails. And as a result, two things have occurred:

    1. I have found that there IS, in fact, MORE happiness... in GIVING... than in receiving; and

    2. The more I give... the more I receive... so that whatever it is I am measuring out... whether in love, pity, compassion, forgiveness, mercy, worldly goods, kindness, faith, peace, joy, patience, etc., etc., so it is measured out to ME... stamped down, pressed down... and overflowing!!

    I learned not to concern myself with what I received... but to preoccupy myself with what I could give. And I am STILL learning... for I have yet even begun to be "born" - I've got a LOT more "incubating" to do! And I welcome it... look forward to it! If the "rewards" I have received thus far are ANY indication of what is to come... then my Lord can guide and lead me... and I will follow him... the Lamb... wherever he goes! Without a doubt!

    Jesus taught us to judge the tree by its fruit.

    He did.

    What is the fruit of the voice you hear?

    Well, I don't really know where to start, for I suspect you would limit it: But he has shown it to me to be love, dear one... born out in the "fast" of JAH... which is... feeding the hungry one... clothing the naked... bringing the stranger into your home... not hiding yourself from your own flesh... removing the yoke band and setting the lowly free... unbinding others... not shutting the door of my tender compassions on any... not seeing one in need and while having the means to help them not do so... taking the lowly seat rather than the higher one... becoming lord over none and servant to all... using my "gifts" to upbuild versus tear down... to conduct myself honestly... to leave off hatred, anger, hypocrisy, deceit.

    It is joy. And peace. Faith. Kindness. Mildness. Goodness. Patience. Self-control. Mercy. Forgiveness. Compassion. Being thankful to all and owing none. Doing unto others as I would have them do unto me. Loving my neighbor... and my enemy... as I love myself.

    And not being afraid... to CONFESS him... and that he IS Lord... MY Lord... that he speaks... so that rather than hiding my light "under a basket," what he tells me in the darkness I say in the light, and what I hear whispered, I shout... here... and anywhere else he sends me.

    But I do not know how I can convince you of that, dear Sabrina, because unless YOU... knew ME.. you would not really know this of me. Indeed, wouldn't you have to see such "fruits"... MANIFEST in me... so that you would KNOW me by MY "fruits"? I think you would, and to that, I can only hope that perhaps such a time will come. Others here had to find out for themselves and as a result, praise JAH, I do not always have to give a witness of my own fruits. Nor would I... for TRULY, I am nothing more than a good-for-nothing slave. If I HAVE exhibited ANY of those things... it is what I ought to have done anyway.

    Is it always good or is it a mix of good and painful?

    JAH... is good. Therefore, whatever comes from HIM... is always good. I do not ridicule the discipline of JAH... but welcome it and rejoice... for it yields peaceable fruit in me. JAH adds no pain with His blessings, dear one. If there is pain... it is HIS - His pain that I feel... most often because I thought myself wiser than Him... and leaned upon my own understanding. Praise JAH that I don't do that so often now (when someone is always right and their advice NEVER fails, after awhile you just listen without too much question!). And, praise JAH, when I DO... the Master just kind of sighs... opens his arms and welcomes me back... and then pleads with Father on my behalf. I have tried so hard to stop putting him to that "test", though... at least not as much as I used to...

    I ask these questions because Satan is capable of fooling the best of God's servants by pretending to be God himself.

    Indeed, many false prophets and false christs have come into the world, to mislead, if possible... EVEN the chosen ones. I, myself, have been victim of that... when I listened to the voice of the false prophet that is the WTBTS... rather than to the voice of my Lord. But I have learned a great lesson, that I am to have no other leader, for my Leader is ONE... and so I just stick to listening to and following him. It's just safer that way, truly. HE... loves his sheep and cares for his sheep; that's why he gave his life for them.

    With love,

    The greatest of love and peace to you, too, dear Sabrina.

    YOUR servant, as I am servant to ALL those of the Household of God, Israel... and a slave of Christ,


  • shamus

    Did you look up this information or not? Did you find it in a book or did god fill you in on all the details?

    I don't think it's a hard question.

    From a slack-jawed jokel.

  • frankiespeakin

    I think Shelby likes the attention she gets from being a prophetess,, even the negative attention is proof that she must be a Prophetess because after all doesn't the Bible say: "what prophet is honored by the people that hear him most are nutty going around in strange cothing." the dave paraphrase bible.

  • funkyderek
    An Apology Regarding "The Voice"...

    I thought for a moment that the title meant Shelby had finally got the help she needs and no longer heard these voices and that she now felt remorse. No such luck.

  • toreador

    Hello Shelby,

    You are not going forget to comment on my last post to you are you?


  • czarofmischief

    I do concur with Sabrina that it is possible that this is a dark power - but what harm has it done? It has been nothing but nice to Shelby, made her a better person according to her account. Maybe she IS just an attention crazed woman, but I can't exactly condemn her for THAT. Not honestly, at least.

    Plus the dark powers tend to get bored easily - would they have stayed with Shelby THIS long and remained THIS nice the whole time?

    Sabrina was right to ask the question. But whatever this is is probably NOT from the Devil. Unless he has become a slightly different person from when I knew him... which ain't likely.

    But one thing has been plaguing me. Okay, not plaguing. In fact, I hardly remembered this thread until I woke up this morning and got back online. Why would God waste valuable time and energy telling us about a long-dead man in a dress? I have an idea...

    So basically, what happened on this thread: Shelby showed up and posted about her latest revelation. Which is a fairly irrelevant (to me) factoid about the Greek philosopher Socrates. Some showed up and promptly denounced her as being crazy or on drugs. Doesn't prove anything, unless you've actually been chasing the dragon with her. Others showed up, and based on the "assault" on their beloved conception of a long dead Greek (Or possibly, Turkey..) shouted accusations akin to "blasphemy!" This is a charge that Socrates himself was put to death over - and Jesus... so why don't we just tone down the hysterically defensive rhetoric. This thread has convinced me that materialist rationalism is another religion with an orthodoxy, creed, and definition of sin.

    Maybe that was why God would have told her such a curiously esoteric idea, if indeed He did. To show you how some materialists worship the words of men, and then promptly remake those men into something that is like themselves. Just like the Catholics did with Jesus and Paul. Just like the WT did with Revelation and Isaiah. The rationalists will say, "Socrates would have done exactly like me" and ignore any evidence to the contrary and take quotes out of context to support that which IS their preconception.

    But Shelby, I do have one issue with you - why the overuse of the ellipsis? Are you editing your comments like the WT did?


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