The Judicial Committee

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  • micheal

    Sword of Jah has to be a very weak witness. It is the height of ludicrous that he says what he says while posting it here.

  • Narkissos

    SOJ, if by any chance you really want to know how a JC and subsequent Appeal Committee may work in a case of so-called "apostasy", I briefly told mine on

    A case directly handled by the Branch Committee through two COs. In one word a sheer mockery.

  • blondie

    SOJ probably has special dispensation to post here from the GB.

    It reminds me of the brother who sat on many JCs regarding immorality and was very unforgiving and was vocal publicly about how serious such a sin was...

    Yes, the "old boy" was spreading the love to several sisters in the congregation but it was different in his case because he was trying to help them through a difficult time during their single sisterhood. His wife wasn't so understanding.


  • SwordOfJah

    core: Forgive me for not replying about the Holy Spirit question. The Holy Spirit does guide the elders as long as they are basing their decisions on the scriptures. For example, the holy spirit would not just pop a decision on the case into the elders' mind, but could guide the elder to a particular scripture or publication that sheds light on the case.

    minimus: To be truthful to your question, yes I would. But let me clarify that I don't have a problem with my brothers having their own thoughts or views. The problem is when they publicize their views in order to influence others, thus causing divisions and confusion within the congregation. These division retract from our duty of preaching the good news as it weakens the individuals spirit. For example, I have my own views on certain matters, but I am not dogmatic nor do I try to preach my own views to the congregation. I allow the F&DS to do it's job. I don't try to get one step ahead of them. On things that they are not clear on, nor I am, I allow Jehovah to reveal at his own due time and I don't try to get ahead of him.

  • Undaunted Danny
    Undaunted Danny

    Basketball 3 My JC Kangaroo court experiences offsite at my personal Blog:___________________________]

    SOJ,go back to the first page and read my experience at my blog,and tell us what kind of spirit prevailed at my hearing.

    "Jehover will reveal"?Well,it turned me into one hell of an 'apostate with attitude'.I have inflicted some serious damage.

    Hmmm,I recon that's what jehover wanted all along.He's using me to 'discipline' the WT.

  • SwordOfJah

    I did see your page. A bit confusing, but all I see are insults directed to the elders that handled your case. But if you talk in person as you write, I think you are better off outside the organization, for you and for the brothers. Psalms says the the meek shall inherit the Earth.

  • shamus

    Why do you all give SOJ what he wants?

    Keep fighting a nutcase.

  • IT Support
    IT Support


    They reasoned with their fellow elder by using the Bible and publications entitled "Determining weakness, wickedness, and repentance"

    Are you really an elder? I'd have thought most elders would have known the "publications" you refer to as being the January 1, 1995 Watchtower, p 27...



  • Undaunted Danny
    Undaunted Danny

    Good point Shamus.He GAVE ME a free hit for my siteWow

    My web counters are a spinning!

    Booted up!Undaunted Danny

  • DaCheech

    Has anyone seen my post on Numbers 5:11-28 If God judged people through miracles, then why is he not doing that today!

    He judged those two poor people in the apostles day that sold their property and only gave them half!

    Does God do this, or does man?

    In numbers, did those men give poison to the accused woman?

    In Acts did the apostles kill the couple?

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