The Judicial Committee

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  • Sunnygal41

    "Jehovah" and his organization can kiss my big fat fanny!

    ((((Bliss)))) I had a situation that was in some ways similar to yours, Bliss, about a year before I stopped going to meetings. If my elder husband hadn't been there, I would have been subjected to a kangaroo court like you were, but, because he was, and spoke up for me, they couldn't do anything. I wanted to vomit in all of their smug, self righteous faces that day, and, I have never forgotten what the sister who started it all said about me. I know that justice will be done some day, as I do believe in karma.


  • ozziepost

    G'day Narkissos,

    Your experience would be quite common.

    Unfortunately so many of the brainwashed R&F believe all that stuff the WTS spews out when in reality of course the truth is so much different.

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • minimus

    The appeal process is merely a rubber stamp! Unless they original committee REALLY screwed up, it's a done deal. In the last 2JCs I was on, the persons appealed. When the JC was asked whether we were "sure" we were making the right decision, I said, "No, and if you think it would be best to change the decision (that we were making because of merely following Society guidelines), I'd have no problem with it", the appeal com. looked at each other and rather uncomfortably said, "We won't change your decision".......End of story.

  • toreador

    Are you serious Minimus????? They said that before they reheard the case or after??

  • Irreverent

    The thing to remember that the elders have a great deal of discretion. This is an old boys' club. I have seen a JC reversed twice, once many years ago and one fairly recently. In each case, the brothers jumped the gun and rushed to judgment, having an underlying ulterior motive that was not possible for the appeals committee to ignore.

    They don't want the hassle or to antagonize elders they have to work with in the circuit.

    Nothing the elders do surprises me.


  • DaCheech

    For those of you that can read Italian, the Italian justice system overturned a DF, because the person was not disfellowshipped correctly to WT rules

  • DaCheech
  • minimus

    They said, "We won't change your decision" after they talked to the accused and elders. Interestingly, they told us about the appeal to the branch info and instructed us NOT to bring it up to the df'd one(s). If the df'd ones mentioned it because they were friendly with certain elders in the circuit, we could acknowledge that this was indeed their "right".

  • czarofmischief

    Ever wonder what would happen if you just walked in with a shotgun and popped all three of them? I mean, that would be a hysterically funny moment that would alter the JC forever a terrible tragedy...

    Just daydreaming...


  • minimus

    Geesh, I wouldn't wanna kill them!

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