The Judicial Committee

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  • harleyquinn

    i was involved in, i think, about 5 during a month period....i don't remember a lot of it (i think i blocked a lot of it)...but it was in front of 3 elders of my 'good cop', one 'bad cop', and one indifferent one...i mostly remember that they asked the same questions over and over again at each meeting, whether i had answered them before or checking my story...i tried, lamely, to kill myself before my second-to-last meeting by slashing up my wrists and arms pretty good...that meeting, which was at my home, i remember as a disembodied experience, because i was just sitting there, blood running down my arms and on my jeans...not one of the elders said anything about it, they just stared and asked their questions...then, when i paused too long for one of the questions (i think it was 'have you ever had sex') the 'bad cop' elder stood up, walked over to me and stood within a couple of inches of my face and screamed that jehovah knew if i was telling the truth or not and that i should tell them what they wanted to know...i think he also called me a name, but i don't remember that point i kind of woke up from my stupor and told them all to leave...i don't think he fully realized what he had done, as he freaked out a little...the other elders just looked at each other and then started fumbling for words, and i just sat there and kept repeating that they needed to leave....after they left the 'good cop' elder (who was actually friendly with me) called me and apologized for the behaviour of the other elder...i just told him that jehovah would take care of him like jehovah was going to take care of me....a couple of days later, they asked me to meet them at the kh and told me that i was being df'd...

    it was an awful experience and every non-jw person that i've shared it with now despises the religion and a couple of them have even mentioned the treatment of 'bad jws' to jw's that have come to their doors...

  • wheres caleb?
    wheres caleb?

    I'm in a story telling mood. Sorry Min.

    I knew this couple that got divorced. The husband was df'd for adultry. He tried to repair his marriage but his wife thought that she was better off without him. Even though she was cute, guys just weren't knocking on her door as she might have thought. She maintained a friendship with her ex but never took him back.

    The ex was trying to go back to meetings and change his life around. He saw the error of his ways. He got reinstated and was doing the best he could. One of the elders took it upon himself to approach him, and in a shepherdly way ask, "So how's the self-abuse going?" Saying the word 'masturbation' in the kingdom hall is so impolite I guess.

    That was it! This guy was going to pound this idiot. Holy spirit came to the fore and moved this elder to say something that would lead this poor guy out of the org. Being spirit directed gives one incredible insight on things.

  • undercover
    "So how's the self-abuse going?"

    Fine, thanks. Actually, better than fine. I got this new DVD with my favorite porn star, maybe you've heard of her, Brianna Banks? Oh my God, is she something. Anyway, there's this one scene where she actually......when she...... It's amazing. I'll let you borrow it if you want. I know your wife, Sister Frigid, can't be doing it for you. Lemme know.

    That oughta leave mr. nosey elder speechless.

  • rocketman

    Good one undercover!

  • core
    Although elders are guided by holy spirit, this does not mean that they are inspired when making their decisions. They are using Biblical guidelines. But these guidelines can sometimes be ignored, therefore, ignoring the guidance of the holy spirit. This is why there is an appeal process offered by the F&DS.

    Sorry Sword - but must return to this - an appeal is "offered" by the F&DS - ?? who are they -may I say how very revealing the phrase

    offered by the F&DS.

    is - it removes completely Jehovah, Christ, any involvement of the Holy Spirit but brings it right down to a group of men - what is the scriptural precedent for any of this ??

    Still waiting to hear the answer to the 69 thousand dollar question - why does the Holy Spirit allow mistakes ? Is it not interested - are some elders wilfully stubborn ?

  • minimus

    HS does not make mistakes......Hillary_Step & Holy Spirit!

  • SwordOfJah

    core: From your point of view, my statement could be revealing. For me, because I have faith and believe in Jehovah's arrangement for a FD&S class, it is not revealing. I see the arrangement as a whole and not based on individual examples. By this, I do acknowledge that some elders will not even follow the guidelines set by the FD&S. In extreme and unusual cases as such, I turned over control to Jesus, for he is the head of the congregations. Of course, I would not like to be in the shoes of those elders. I can only speak form my point of view and in the judicial cases that I've been involved in, I have seen that the arrangement works. One think I do want to add is that I have not been involved in a judicial case where the person is accused of apostacy. Those cases can be difficult because the person accused of apostacy usually does not think he did anything wrong. Most cases I've been involved in involved immorality.

  • Carmel

    I was "summoned" but told a ministerial servant when he followed up with a telephone call to see if I was coming, to take the whole mess and "sit on it". Well maybe not those exact words, in fact those words are kinder than what I really said.. "out of the mouths of babes" :-)


  • core
    Those cases can be difficult because the person accused of apostacy usually does not think he did anything wrong.

    of course it is always just possible that the person accused of apostasy has NOT done anything wrong - however I am as aware as most of the WT rule on "thinking" not in line with policy is apostacy - still not clear about your view Sword of Jah on the role of the Holy Spirit - is it or is it not active - why then would you appear to indicate it is SELECTIVE ?

  • minimus

    SOJ....Would YOU sit in on an apostasy case? Since you're a regular here, do you not think you might hinder the free flow of holy spirit? Actually, since you are disobeying the FDS by being here, you are grieving the spirit....I know you know this. Please kindly respond.

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