The Judicial Committee

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  • minimus

    Terri, I'm happy you're FREE!!!!!!

  • Sunnygal41

    Thanks, Mini, so am I!! And, I, too would love to see SOJ pick up the gauntlet that JB flung down! I'd love to be a fly on the wall at THAT JC!!! LOL!

    Love all you peeps! Welcome Newbies!!!

  • DaCheech

    SOJ is another example of Jehovah's Witness Elders/C.O./D.O./GB double speak!

    "We are guided by holy spirit"......"huh, only when we follow direction from FD&S"

    SOJ: you forget Elders are supposedly appointed by Holy Spirit (I know many cases here locally that MS were practicing awful things when nominated and made elder, one of such was taken off elder within a month because when his nomination was pronounced on stage, people who knew certain things spoke up) Therefore if they are appointed by HS, any decision they make together under prayer is supposedly (WT kangaroo double speak language) made in heaven with Holy spirit

    WT 7/1992 page 15 paragraph 7 " Elders acting in a judicial capacity should remember that the real Judges of each case are Jehovah and Christ Jesus. Recall what the judges in Israel were told: "It is not for man that you judge but it is for Jehovah; and he is with you in the matter of judgment. And now let the dread of Jehovah come to be upon you. . . . This is how you should do that you may not incur guilt." (2 Chronicles 19:6-10) With reverential fear, the elders judging a case should do their utmost to be sure that Jehovah is really ?with them in the matter of judgment.? Their decision should accurately reflect the way Jehovah and Christ consider the matter. What they symbolically ?bind? (find guilty) or ?loose? (find innocent) on earth should be what has already been bound or loosed in heaven?as revealed by what is written in the inspired Word of God. If they pray to Jehovah in Jesus? name, Jesus will be "in their midst" to help them. (Matthew 18:18-20, footnote; The Watchtower, February 15, 1988, page 9) The atmosphere at a judicial hearing should show that Christ is truly in their midst."

    Matthew 18:18-20 "Truly I say to YOU men, Whatever things YOU may bind on earth will be things bound in heaven, and whatever things YOU may loose on earth will be things loosed in heaven. 19 Again I truly say to YOU, If two of YOU on earth agree concerning anything of importance that they should request, it will take place for them due to my Father in heaven. 20 For where there are two or three gathered together in my name, there I am in their midst."

    THIS IS WT at its best!

  • Lilac5

    I went before a JC when I was 15 for having hickies, those sicko's wanted to know every juciy detail! Am I the only one who finds that weird? Then "they" proceeded to have me read some scripture about a "harlot" on the corner laying in wait. I find the whole process very disturbing. God will be my judge!


  • czarofmischief

    The most horrible time in my life followed the JC. What a dark tunnel that was.

    But- if you believe in God, as I do and you believe in his occasional intervention, maybe diffing me WAS Holy Spirit finally cutting me some slack and letting me out of that horrible organization. Shrug. Whatever. I'm better off now, so, praise be for those judgemental arse wipes who did exactly the opposite of what they intended. They thought they were breaking me, they made a man of me. They thought they were reproving me, in turn, I learned how to justify myself. I am unashamed of anything I've done. I am honest and forthcoming and I enjoy my life. I just wish I'd done it harder, hotter, and longer, is all...



    While studying with the dubs the whole concept of df'ing was alien to me. There were some at the meetings sitting at the back and not being spoken too. It was made very clear to me early in the piece that because they had sinned and been rebellious, I was to shun them. This concerned me a great deal and asked how someone could be ignored. "It is to keep the congregation clean" I was led to believe that the only reason someone could get df'ed was not for the actual sin, but rather for their attitude toward the sin.

    Well, that sounded harsh but seeing as though people get baptized with full knowledge of consequences of actions, I felt ok with the whole deal. I mean, everybody is imperfect, we all fall short, jesus died for ALL of us, so when I sin it will be my attitude toward repentance that will determine if I get df'ed or not!

    BS!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I ended up before a JC I realised it had NOTHING to do with god or holy spirit. I imagine the Spanish inquisition or the Nazi's interogation being the same. I felt violated, raped..........and I know how that feels. I felt in danger and abused by the 3 men who claimed to be my brothers that loved me.

    If I had done something the dubs claim to be a df'ing offense I could have accepted what was done to me. But the fact is that in my case the whole JC proceedings were soley for the purpose to silence and discredit me.

    A year after my child was sexually abused and the pedophile was still lurking around the hall, playing with kids, the elders not doing enough to ensure childrens' safety, I mentioned to some of the mothers to watch their children around bro. XXXX. That really p#ssed the elders and particularly the pedo's brother off. Bringing shame on the family had to be dealt with more seriously than the pedo abusing my child.

    The only 2 elders that knew about the incident decided they needed to find something to pin on me so as to be able to keep me away from the congo for at least 1 year. So they started investigating me by ringing around all my friends, asking if I had said anything about the pedo's brother that could be classified 'slanderous'. They rang many sisters and got no evidence for a case..............until one of the elder's daughter, while having a coffee with me (just me and her ALONE) entrapped me into talking about the pedo's family. Of course I never said anything slanderous about the pedo's brother that I was accused of having said, the sister had a twisted, filthy mind and it was what she believed herself that was presented as something I said. She rang her elder dad and now they had 1 witness. Then they rang around again and found another sister (friend of elder's daughter) who minced my words from a conversation we had a year before. Again it was a conversation had between me and her, no other witnesses. She said I had suggested that the pedo's brother and family were sick, therefore implying sexual misconduct in the family. Now they had 2 witnesses!!!!!!!

    The 2 elders organized another elder for the jc. The most pathetic, weak, yes man you can imagine. They had made their minds up a year earlier to silence me, it was just a matter of getting the ingredients together, and they had them! They had me in the back room for 4 hours, wanting me to admit that I had implied that the pedo's brother had done to him what the pedo did to my kid. I was never going to admit to saying something I didn't say. So then I was in a lose-lose situation and they knew it. They couldn't decide on the night what to do with me so I had to go back 2 nights later. It was then they told me I was going to be df'ed for......1 lying (not confessing to what I had said)......2 slander (for supposedly implying something that was implied by the sisters not me) .....3 loose conduct (for not keeping my mouth shut about the abuse and warning other mothers after being told by the elders to keep quiet)

    It took 3 attempts to get reinstated, on one occassion an elder told me 'jehovah didn't want me back yet'.......and like the prodigal son I now had to do the hard yard up the path, through the gate, wondering if my father was going to accept me back!!!!!!!!! SICK.

    When I got reinstated the whole congregation clapped, except the pedo and his family. Everyone knew, especially the witnesses, that it was all set up and corrupt. They were relieved that they didn't need to lose sleep at stumbling me out of the 'truth'. Their consciences were clean.

    Years later one of the witnesses told me how bad she felt for her role in my df'ing. She said how they gruelled her for hours, until she said something that was enough for them to get me on. She said how one of the elders had been to see her and hubby because he felt so bad for what had been done to me. He expressed how I should no have been treated like I was and that the other elder was bad. Needless to say that particular elder was removed for his remorse and to this day, can't suck up to me enough.

    Corrupt, evil, abusive, unjust, unloving, unkind, soul destroying and particulary.........UNSCRIPTURAL..............that's what the JC is. And I'm living proof of it. To have some here try to defend it is almost as evil and hurtful.

    Bliss (who is still amazed at the whole procedure)

  • ozziepost
    I want to add that there is also a third appeal process if the accused does not agree with the decision taken by the appeals committee. The third process involves the branch. The accused can then write a letter stating his case and the reason for disagreement to the Branch. The decision is then turned over to them.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, what a hoot!

    Oh dear, oh dear, SOJ - if you only knew the truth of what you're talking about!!! Oh dear, the Branch is the third level of the process??? HAHAHA!!!

    Thanks for the laugh of the day.

  • core

    Still waiting for revelations to convince me that the Holy Spirit "guides" elders - would seem blasphemous to me as so many wrong actions / unjust decisions - on a % basis I speculate that in 50% or so of cases the Holy Spirit gets it wrong - conclusion - any JC acts without let or hindrance (or belssing) from the Holy Spirit but is "guided" by mens rules (the FDS)

  • minimus

    Where is SOJ?? .........What I've commonly seen is a JC made up of one very strong willed person, another that is very liberal and another that hates making decisions.

  • Narkissos
    Oh dear, the Branch is the third level of the process??? HAHAHA!!!

    In case SOJ is still lurking, I will point out how it worked in my case.

    The Branch (1) was the first actor in especially sending two COs (2) to my congregation to handle the case of suspected apostasy (I say "suspected" because I never spoke publicly or privately against the organization). The COs organized a JC (3) with definite instructions (a list of questions that I had to answer by yes or no) without sitting on it in the first place, so that they (2) could sit on the Appeal committee. Should I have appealed to the Branch (1) who originated the whole process as a last recourse? Oh my, I didn't even think of that.

    What I called a sheer mockery was actually a beautiful chiastic structure (1-2-3-2-1). Isn't Jehovah great?

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