The Judicial Committee

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  • Undaunted Danny
    Undaunted Danny

    Holy spirit directed JC hearings??

    Danny sez:"haughty hacks get the facts"

  • minimus

    Just, sometimes the holy spirit gets misdirected, that's all.

  • avishai
    I have been part of an appeal committee that overturned a brother's disfellowshipping.

    SoJ, are'nt you a woman? I could have sworn that you said you were, and I'm not being faceitious.

  • minimus

    Wasn't that Sheath of Jah?

  • avishai


  • toreador


    I thought maybe you would explain yourself a little better. I am still waiting for a reply.

  • shamus

    I think, Avashi, that SOJ may be a woman. An anonymous poster told me that she thought that she knew who 'she' was, LOL! Now it could just be complete bullshit, but I was the one who called SOJ out on that one. In other words, it isn't fact.

    SOJ is very delusional, and could be a woman; or a man; or a child. Seriously, who really gives a rats ass? SOJ is jacking off right now because we're talking about him/her/whatever. SOJ gets off on this stuff; that's why SOJ keeps on coming here.


  • Quotes

    Sword of Jah said:
    They are using Biblical guidelines.


    As I said in another thread:

    Things the bible is good for:

    * Genocide instructions

    * Condoning Slavery

    * Useless platitudes

    * banning shell-fish food, but OK'ing Locusts to eat (????)

    * Ambiguous Parables

    * Publishing Company's profits

    * Pulp & Paper Manufacturers

    * Ark & boat building instructions

    * Anything Technical or Engineering related

    * Anatomy

    * Geneology

    * Physiology

    * Psychology

    * Accurate Historical Accuracy, details (I mean, come on, was it a cross, or a stake? Be clear and we wouldn't have this confusion!

    * Explaining why humans are only a tiny spec of dust in this HUGE universe -- seems pretty inefficient, don't you think?

    * Explaining why humans, god's favorite creation, have only been on Earth for a few tens-of-thousands of years, but the planet has been around for 4.5 billion -- again, strikingly inefficient

    * Anything related to medicine, science, or cool rational thought.

    Stated another way: I wouldn't use those "biblical guidelines" to build a boat/ark, plan a lengthy dessert trip, or work out my ancestery -- and you would likely agree with me that it is useless for those things. Then why is it suddenly so current and relevant when you are discussing thing like molestation, the pshychology of human pair bonding, etc.????

    ~Quotes, of the "Leave Engineering to Engineers, and Leave Psychology to Psychologists" class.

  • avishai

    Or jilling off.

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