Whoopi got Whooped!

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  • Yerusalyim
    BUT Dennis Miller implies that Kerry and Edwards are gay and nothing is done?

    Ya see, there's this difference...Dennis did this on his show..and he pokes fun at BOTH SIDES...Whoopi, on the other hand...was at a KERRY CAMPAIGN FUNDRAISER...do ya see the difference?

  • Badger

    My bad...Miller didn't say it on his talk show...it was at a Bush rally:


    At the bottom, under "Squibs"

    Funny, but you have to admit Whoopi got a lot more flak than he did for this...for an attack that is practically equal in tackiness.

  • TonyT

    A history in career suicide for Linda, Whoppi and the Dixie Chicks.

    2003 Rush Limbaugh resigns from ESPN after the firestorm created when he suggested that Eagles QB Donovan McNabb was overrated because the Media wanted another successful black QB.

    2001 Denver Nuggets Coach Dan Issel forced to resign after the public outcry following a game in which he called a heckling fan a $%^%% Mexican.

    1999 New York Yankees pitcher John Rocker, during a SI interview, makes anti gay, anti foreigner, anti single mother comments. The public outcry is deafening. He is suspended for 2 games and fined.

    1998 23 year CBS veteran golf announcer Ben Wright was fired after stating that lesbians hurt LPGA golf. He also said that having Breasts impaired women?s golf swing since they hampered the ability to keep the left arm straight.

    1987 LA Dodger GM Al Campanis (a 43 year veteran) fired after a nightline appearance in which he stated that Blacks may not have the Necessities to be a field manager.

    1983 Veteran announcer Howard Cossell resigns following intense public outcry after a Monday night football telecast in which he referred to a fast running Black player as a "little monkey"

    Where was the liberal indignation after these individuals were "deprived of their freedom of speech" ? I don?t recall Elton John, Whoppi Goldberg or Linda Rondstat whining about censorship. I suppose Rush Limbaugh could have blamed the public outcry on the Bush administration.

    These people exercised their constitutional right to make extremely controversial, often racist statements (I'm still not sure about the golf swing though) and paid the price.

  • xenawarrior
    (I'm still not sure about the golf swing though)

    what he said was actually true. It is hard. Grip, move them, re-grip, swing !

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