Born and raised Catholic in a small midwestern town, my exposure to JW's was quite limited. Our band teacher was JW though I didn't know it at the time, I thought it quirky he didn't celebrate Christmas and Birthdays. Through the years I learned a bit more about the Society, but was still unaffected until I married my wife. She was a DA'd JW when we met and married. Her children are all JW's, the 19 year old is taking inquiry classes into the Catholic Church. My wife's various degrees of activity with the local Kingdom Halls has exposed me to their theology. She is no longer active though she has not made any formal moves to DA again, she does attend Church with me at times and we celebrate all B'days and Holidays together as a family (including the two remaining JW kids).I'm a professional soldier by trade, working as a Chaplain Assistant in the US Army. I've been assigned mostly to infantry and special forces units. I've participated in Desert Storm, Bosnia, and Kosovo to name a few. I currently work in a school environment for the US ARMY with 8 more years before I retire and hopefully become a teacher and deacon in the Catholic Church. I have a weakness for latin/darkskinned women and I like chocolate. I'm a recovering alcoholic and avid Star Trek Fan with a penchant for Judaica.