would you hit a woman if she hit you first? (for men)

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  • maxwell
    But when deciding whether to hit anyone back - no matter how justified or unjustified the first person was in hitting in the first place - depends upon whether you prefer to choose the high road - a peaceful solution such as Puternut suggested - or the low road - and ride it all the way down with the one who hit first.

    I think Puternut's method is a valid choice, but it could also be seen as rewarding anti-social behavior. If a woman is so immature as to use violence on a man--admittedly violence that may little chance of causing any lasting physical harm--to get attention and is successful in getting attention that way, why would she not use that same method in future. Perhaps some men like that method of communication. The other choice that has been stated by others is to simply walk away from the relationship if there is one. There's no need to be need to be with a woman who hits to get attention or because she is upset by words unless you like that sort of thing. It is an equally high road.

  • Valis

    Yes I would and I will admit to doing so before. My ex wife hit me in the face w/ a full glass then proceeded to come after me. Two slaps w/the open palm later and she was through w/that nonsense. it isn't pretty and terribly bad behavior, but if you think there are not women out there who cant' or won't kick your a$$ then you are living in a fantasy world. I try not to get into that kind of volatile situation and don't hang around w/violent women or one's who could kick my $$ either...*LOL* Really though, domestic violence is bad for everyone involved.


    District Overbeer

  • Yerusalyim


    I hope she stays that way. Gawd help any man who gets in a relationship with her.

    Well, being married to me was no walk in the park either. Actually, she's grown up a lot since then, and we get along fairly well given our history. I just wish she paid child support...but I gave that up...my fault...at any rate she's remarried, has two kids with her hubby, and rules the roost as is the case in many hispanic households.

    I took a lot of physical abuse from her, that one was the worst.

    The broken nose came from my current wife...it happened after I said "I've had you" in response to her telling me I wasn't getting any.

  • onacruse


    Never have, never would.

  • Vivamus
    you were just practicing the can-can wasnt you viv?

    Uhm .... yes! that sounds good! I was practicing the can-can

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    we all know that violance, no matter how minor is wrong

    No, I do not agree with this at all.

    I believe that there are few times when violence is the appropriate response to a situation, but when it is, it is the ONLY appropriate response to a situation.

    I believe that it is wrong to initiate violence against another. An effective defense against a violent attack requires the skillful use of violence.

    Would it have been "wrong" if Carlie Bruscia had driven the nails of her thumbs into Joseph P. Smith's eyesockets? Would it have been "wrong" if she had used her forearm to crush his larynx? What if, in defense of her life, she had clapped both his ears and blew out his eardrums - would that have been unkind of her?


    Recently in Japan a woman was arrested for the murder of a man she met for the first time on a blind date. I'll bet he wished he had thought about how to get the rope off of his neck as she strangeled him. She did it because she wanted to kill a man.


    I don't hit women who don't try to hit me first.

    Anybody ever hear of Aileen Carol Wuornos? She murdered at least seven men. I wonder how many were reluctant to hit her as they died? Check out the movie "Monster," starring Charlize Theron.


  • pudd

    when i said violence is always wrong, i was refering to domestic situations. ofcourse in self defense it is different.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Run, hold her arms or detain her in some way, get her out of your life for good, but don't hit her.

    In Spanish there's a saying that has much truth to it, and it goes like: "A man that hits a woman because he cannot hit another man".


  • Narkissos

    Just to lighten the subject up: remember the reply from the old barrister to his sturdy and shrewish female nurse, in Billy Wilder's "Witness for the prosecution"? -- "If you were a woman, I would slap your face."

    To answer the question, I never did and wouldn't like it (I think) -- but never say never...

  • Brummie

    Any man who hits a woman is a walking disgrace. Even if she hit you its just as easy to remove yourself from the problem as it is to hit her back. Then there is "restraint" which doesnt involve thumping her one back.

    Now, if a man hit me, no matter how big, I would at least get one in before he killed me.


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