would you hit a woman if she hit you first? (for men)

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  • shotgun

    Doesn't the WTBTS provide instruction to us men in this very situation...lets turn to the bound volumes

    It's in the 1966 WT pg 66 par 6 and says....A man when confronted by a woman intent on striking him should scream and run away, leaving all his clothing behind just as Joseph did to Potaphars wife. If you do not scream then you should be taken outside the city and stoned or hung upside down by your toenails and pummelled with an organic carrot. (Based loosely on Matt 29:10)

  • avishai
    Avi - I like you. I even put you on my list of people I would like to meet in person, so please don't mistake my next statement as anything other than my personal opinion which is not directed at you in anyway. This is how I see things: If more men in situations where a woman resorts to hitting would understand the real reason that most women do so, I have no doubt there would be a dramatic drop in domestic violence. The fact of the matter is that men are stronger than women. Therefore, the men need to realize that they have the ultimate power to diffuse the situation - unless - he chooses to escalate it. That is right - I said choose. It is a choice whether one wants to escalate a situation by retaliating no matter what the reason is behind the the other's hitting - or find a more peaceful solution that works for both people. On top of that, if the situation happened in reverse, it would be up to the woman to decide whether to hit back or not - if she could still stand after the first punch. Of course, more men get the opportunity to choose after the first slap or hit or punch from a woman - than do women. But when deciding whether to hit anyone back - no matter how justified or unjustified the first person was in hitting in the first place - depends upon whether you prefer to choose the high road - a peaceful solution such as Puternut suggested - or the low road - and ride it all the way down with the one who hit first.

    Now, please, help me find my clothes so I can leave you in peace

    Did you look under the couch?

    No offense taken, hun! We agree on most points. I've just been abused by women in my life as a child and an adult. I've also been abused by men, physically. I really see no difference when a woman is trying to kick my ass or a man. But, like I said, I will walk away, & will only defend myself with force against a woman if my life is threatened, and that would usually involve a restraint hold, not hitting. I would however not be "understanding". I generally say something along the lines of "You DO NOT get to hit me!!!!!!" GET THE [email protected]#K AWAY FROM ME NOW!!!!

    I've tried the "understanding" route many times. It's not taken seriously by people that think violence is OK. I feel it is better to let people who hit you right away know that it is not OK and that it hurts and pisses you off. That, in my experience has been far more effective. Trust me, I've been beat up a lot. If the "peaceful, understanding route worked, i'd definitely go that way.

  • logansrun

    I love hitting on women.


  • xjw_b12
    The broken nose came from my current wife...it happened after I said "I've had you" in response to her telling me I wasn't getting any.

    Note to self. Don't use that line.

  • Brummie

    Oh yeah I forgot about men being in abusive relationships, I think I could understand if the man one day blew up and hit out. But other than this I dont think anything else can be justified.

  • gumby
    A man when confronted by a woman intent on striking him should scream and run away, leaving all his clothing behind just as Joseph did to Potaphars wife.

    If I ever have a mean old woman come after me.....there ain't no way I'm taking off my clothes and running away. I'll just keep my clothes on and knock her on her arse! I can take most women...........the little mean bastards!


  • shotgun

    Gumby do you have a gavel for that Judge imitation you sick sex freak.

    I'll just keep my clothes on and knock here on here arse!

    This is a serious discussion so please don't demean it with your tasteless attempt at humour, leave that to me.

  • Brummie
    leave that to me.


    Lol at gumby too, I think all the bastards on here are quite funny

  • minimus

    no, I'd kill her...................................................just joking..........I think if I ever hit my wife, she'd kill ME!

  • 95stormfront
    I've been with amny women who take advantage of the fact that we won't hit back, and don't seem to think men feel pain.

    This is what I'm talking about. Some women, even when they are in no danger, feel fully justified in being able to strike a man whenever the mood hits them, even jokingly. It is these type of women who'll find themselves picking their ass up off the ground that I speak of.

    I've never given cause for any woman to strike me, and I expect the same consideration in return.

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