would you hit a woman if she hit you first? (for men)

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  • reboot

    (((sorry if that came across badly, Shera))) Im crap at this posting-thing sometimes

    I was'nt having a go......forgive me??

  • wednesday

    If i hit anyone with my fist or a weapon, i would certainly expect a response.

    Really, u are better off to get loose and run as fast as u can to safety, so as to not ignite the situation. However, if i felt my life were threatned, i'd return the blow.i do not like the idea, but I'd not let someone beat me.

    This is a hard question for me bc years of working on a psych unit and we are trained to lnever respond physically. It is a response that must be leanrned b/c it is natural if someone hits u, to hit back. But medical personal cannot do that. U must try and get out of their way and then call for help and restrain the person.(if they continue to be a real threat)

  • dh

    does spanking count?

  • seeitallclearlynow

    I'm a woman, so yes, I would hit a woman back if I felt I should at the moment; but a man never should - restrain the woman if necessary, but a man should NEVER hit a woman. He should just walk away if he has to.

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