"The Apostates Are Infiltrating The Congregations Now"

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  • little witch
    little witch

    Lets define congregations Pork. Congregations I take to mean groups of PEOPLE.

    There are not so many new buildings being built to accomodate large numbers of people, but rather a consolidation of fewer people into larger, single buildings.

    Consolidation means putting together diversified (logistically speaking) people in a more central location. I think I understand where you are coming from just fine. New kingdom halls are not being spread out into the burbs and rural areas, they are being concentrated .

  • minimus

    I know of JWs all over the place, literally. Wilyoman brought out how the numbers have STEADILY decreased over the 90's. In the USA, that's the reality. I get a kick out of how the CO's would ask us elders-----what WE thought was the reason for the declines. If we ever said it's because the meetings are truly boring or that there's too much of a "do more" emphasis, we would've all been removed.....What a JOKE!

  • Odrade

    We had a C.O. one time who said from the platform "Don't you think we could have better subjects to talk about if we didn't have to keep having this meeting attendance/service participation talk?" I remember thinking at the time "so have the other interesting talks, and maybe people will come to the meeting." cart horse, whatever.

  • minimus

    The reason no one goes to the meetings is because the meetings suck.

  • orangefatcat

    I was wondering again about this, Is there anykind of way to see exactly the statistics of exjws

    Or is there already a way of knowing. I would love to get the stats on this and see if there is every going to be a way that as a large group we could have a kind of convention of our own. Just kind of pick a city in North America that is pretty much accessible to almost all of us.

    This would be such a fantastic idea, two days of pure fun and excitment. A day devoted to experinces of how we left the org and how it has effected our lives and the second day we could have like talents of everyone. Musical , poetic, dancing, and whatever comediannes and lots of fun. We could do the lunch thing at the gathering and have supper at where ever. I think this would be absouletly wonderful and just think of how many we can to actually meet. We could considered it a "World Wide Meet UP" of exjws.

    Does anyone know if this is possible, I would help out, in any way I can physcially.

    Love to all Orangefatcat.......Orange Fat Cat 15 Circle Of Hearts

  • Pork Chop
    Pork Chop

    little witch I don't think you understand English. I'm not talking about consolidation. And, I'm definitely talking about the suburbs.

  • dh

    the boys in bethel who are whacking off over this forum need to get a grip, their news is late, there are already thousands of apostates in congregations & bethels worldwide.

  • seeitallclearlynow

    Sorry, Nosferatu, you threw me with your fancy computer skills! I didn't know everyone saw their own screen name when they looked at your last post here.

  • shamus

    The WTBTS is nothing more than an ignorant corporation. They need to get they're act together or they'll go the way of the dinasoar. I think that they should do a restructuring or something so that the money can just keep coming in.

    Who knows... maybe they should not disfellowship people. Then more people would come back and listen to they're out-of-context drivel.

    Farkel's definition is absolutley correct in a Jehovahs Witness (tm) mindset.

  • wednesday

    All those times i heard them say "those evil apostates will not prevail against us b/c we have Jehovah's backing". BS, that was before the internet. Now we all have acess to info. Prior to that it was hard to find out anthing negative abut the org. Not now. It is just a matter of time, the information highway will be their undoing.

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